More than 500 smart watches that can be started, the face value and performance are comparable to thousands of yuan manufacturing, Red Devils watch evaluation

August is a continuous month of the press conference of major brands. It also entered in August. As a technical house, I always like to start running and go to the time when it is not cold or hot. If you want to exercise equipment, you ca n’t help but do it, so I started this Nubian new Red Devils Watch Steel Edition in August. It can also bring data analysis while weight loss and fitness. Whether exercise is scientific and reasonable.

The Red Devil’s watch was launched in March of this year. In the past, the silicone band supplemented by a sporty design in front of us, and this time it brought a new product of the stainless steel version. I am not just a sports worn. Wearing a sports version at work is slightly not significant, so the maturity and stability brought by the stainless steel version this time is also the reason why I choose this table.


Appearance: Sports, fashion, business trio


You may feel slightly popular for the Red Devils, but as a Red Devils that are back to Nubia, there are not many product lines, so you can make a product more well. There is only a weight of only 30g. Basically, the weight of the bracelet can be flat, and the weight is basically not the weight. At present, the watch peers on the market should not have such an unsightly wearing experience.


It has a 46mm dial size, the frame is lightweight stainless steel, and the hardness is full of hardness. The frame is full of sports style and has a ranging meter function. This should be regarded as the standard of the current smart watch. A 1.39 -inch 2.5D high -definition AMOLED colorful screen has high resolution and contrast, and the visual effects displayed are bright and bright.

Large screen supports full -screen touch operations, but also retains keys similar to traditional watches, with red circle keys to support the switching and use, and the menu and return function can be called. The lower keys are the shortcut function of the sports mode, and it also supports the main interface of the watch directly. Dual operations of touch and entity meet the needs of most people’s use habits, and experience brings a better sense of control.

The back of the Red Devil’s watch is more popular, and it is also the contact of data monitoring components such as heart rate and sleep. In order to improve the waterproof performance, it currently supports the use of deep waterproofing of 50 meters. The charging method of magnetic adsorption is used on charging. It is equipped with an independent charging base. The universality is not high, but the watch function is better. The new generation of low -power AI algorithms also uses the new generation of low -power AI algorithms, which supports I15TIAN’s long battery life, which is much stronger than a few days of smart watches. Essence

The most prominent is the stainless steel band of this watch, which is also my favorite design. A fine steel ring combines a business -full strap with a comfortable touch, coolness, and sufficient softness. Magnet adsorption is simpler and convenient.

Wearing the fit with the wrist can be described as tightly close. With the small strap’s breathability, it will not have the feeling of the wrist skin from long -term wearing. The use of high -intensity magnetic suction makes the wearer more convenient to choose the tightness, and there is no longer a common and loose problem with a buckle type.


From the appearance, the red devil watch feels lively and stable, especially with red flame orange, cold moon silver, punk black, green wood ash, risky brown color optional, suitable for men, women, and children. With both exercise and business elements, daily exercise and commuting get off work are also full of grade.


Experience: The features you want have all the functions here




As a smart watch, the use of the dial has always been mostly related. The Red Devil’s Watch comes with an independent dial market. Hundreds of dial styles can be optional. There is always a sports style, traditional style, fashion style, business style, etc. There is always one that suits you. According to your own use style and scene, you can adjust at any time. The photos taken are directly set to the dial, which brings different use moods every day.

2. Exercise experience

Smart watches that focus on sports are rich enough in terms of sports experience. The Red Devils Watch has a built -in sports mode, which supports comprehensive sports data monitoring and use, wearing the APP end synchronous big data analysis, and quickly understanding its own sports conditions. It also supports one -click exercise direct access function to automatically identify and monitor the current sports scenario to record sports data, so that the athletes saves time and worry -free use.


In actual use, most of them are hiking, running, and cycling, and it is also a simple and effective way for office workers like me.

After the sports mode is selected at the watch side, you can exercise. The exercise completes the record of the automatic synchronization data of the APP. There are pictures and data for those who want to exercise, just like me! After exercise, you can feedback this exercise, duration, calorie, pace, step, heart rate and other conditions. Unreasonable can be based on data comparison and mediation, which is more conducive to each more scientific exercise for a long time.


It is worth noting that the Red Devil’s watch is now available for punching activities. As long as you participate in the event, you can exercise 10000 steps per day. Basically, you can get it one or two hundred yuan, and you can also draw the Red Devil 6 mobile phone.

3. Health monitoring

For most, in addition to exercise, it is more accustomed to using health monitoring functions. Life stress, restraint and irregular diet, lack of exercise, etc. have caused a lot of sub -health problems, and now many watches and bracelets have functions such as heart rate monitoring. I went to the hospital to check the time and cost of the hospital, such as heart rate, sleep, blood oxygen, etc.

The Red Devil Watch is equipped with a new generation of multi -channel PPG biosensor, which can manually measure the heart rate and the heart rate of the whole day. The measured results are synchronized to the app to form a day, weekly, and year -on -year analysis data. Recognize your heart rate and health.

As a program ape and text worker, overtime is also normal. Staying up late is a commonplace, so the quality of sleep is generally not good. Use the sleep monitoring of the Red Devils watch to record light sleep, deep sleep and sleep duration in real time. To urge us to rest more reasonably and regulate our schedule, is the right body.


4. Other functions


Not only the main functions mentioned above, but also support real -time weather display.


Mobile phone music playback, regulating volume and switching. Every time you use it, you do n’t need to take it out to choose to switch operations. It is simple and convenient to use.

Of course, there is also a common function of smart watches, such as collecting text messages, WeChat, caller ID, stopwatch, alarm clock and other commonly used designs. The NFC function is lacking, and it is slightly insufficient. Looking forward to the improvement of the follow -up function.

Written at the end:

The Red Devil’s watch is available at the price of 599. In terms of face value and function, there are no brand watches on the market at all. Lightweight fuselage, sports style table frame plus business style stainless steel strap, as a complete use of commuting without pressure, sports support 16 common mode, health support heart rate, sleep, blood oxygen, etc. More accurate science.


You can start this watch at the price of the bracelet. The cost -effectiveness is absolutely available on the market. If you are a sports tide or a business family, you want to be exquisite and cost -effective. Very worth recommending.

Author: ArticleManager