This year’s “skirt+summer boots” is too beautiful! Western flavor is high, and the small man is also suitable

In the past summer, sandals or high -heeled shoes were very popular, but this year’s fashion circle is different. Most of the shoes that are popular this year have a characteristic, that is, wearing anti -season. Fashionable atmosphere, beautiful and beautiful, is simply a must -have for the shade of the tide.

[1] Explore the charm of summer boots

Summer boots actually refer to the short boots in summer. After all, wearing boots in hot summer is still a more challenging thing. If you want to choose, materials and styles are more important.


Q: How to choose summer boots?

① Selection of color

Because it is summer, you should pay attention to the color when choosing your boots. Black and white belong to the classic, and the basic color matching must be much easier. Secondly, you can consider some light -colored short boots in the hot summer. It is easy to look old and tacky when wearing brown or khaki.

② High choice

The height of the boots is still very important.

Try to choose short boots near the ankle below 160cm. It is better to match. It is still refreshing in summer.

After all, there are still some high temperatures, so the best suggestions are short boots with ankle length, suitable for most of the figure.

By the way to everyone


Say a thunder area,

That is the length exactly in

In the middle of the calf, no one can control this length. It is exposed to the thickest part of the legs. It visually divides our calves and looks like five or five points.

Second, how to match “skirt+summer boots” better?

TIPS1: Same color matching

Because the combination of boots is inevitable in summer, there are inevitably some contradictions. In order to maintain overall coordination, the best way is to try the same color skills.

Consider the unity of the color of the boots and skirts, so that you can make your dress harmonious and advanced




Little black skirt + black short boots

It belongs to a more fashionable set. The simple atmosphere is also casual, and it is very simple to control.

TIPS2: Moderate exposed legs

For summer wearing, we better try to show some body skin as much as possible, so as not to appear dull. At the same time, you can also show a refreshing feeling when you match your boots. For example, we can consider the matching of exposed legs.

Drawing on long boots with short skirts to expose thigh skin, or short boots with long skirts to expose calves and ankles.

It can be visually thin, and it looks slightly sexy.

For example, the printed skirt below is shorter, and the mini skirt with long boots can easily show the thigh skin. The sexy value is bursting.

The material of the boots also combines the mesh, easy to breathe, and there is no pressure in summer ~

3. Fashionable matching of “skirt+summer boots”:

There are always some young ladies who don’t know how to look better in summer. Let me introduce some fashionable dressing and intuitively give you a reference.

look1: suspender dress + short boots


Because the summer dress is still more refreshing, in the summer matching, you can use the hanging to bring a good figure to modify your own, and add a cool style with short boots.

You can also echo it with a camisole dress. The black camisole dress below is classic and versatile. It is also versatile.

look2: Bubble sleeve dress + short boots


If you are pursuing fashion, you will find that this year’s fashion circle is a super popular bubble sleeve, whether it is a bubble sleeve shirt or a dress, it will make the girl’s sense of girls show it.


Girls with thick arms to try, with black short boots, can also add a handsome style to the sweetness, both saline and sweet temperament


, Make people have to envy.

However, the design of the bubble sleeves should not be exaggerated. The exaggerated design will not be able to control it. The matching boots may also cause a visually heavy sense. If you are not careful, you will look back.

look3: shirt dress + short boots

The style of the shirt dress is simple, and the casual shirt dress is super easy to control. After matching short boots, you can inject the cool temperament in the intellectual elegant style, creating a sense of vision of the full -open air field.

The blue shirt dress below is paired with black short boots, which is also stylish.

Light -colored skirt + dark boots can echo the color

, Stronger sense of layering, at the same time, can highlight the capable style.

It is incredible for many people in summer, but the tide people still prefer to use boots to create different styles. There are many styles of boots. We can refer to different designs and present different styles. If you like it, you can use it. The sweet style of salt can also try the skirt + summer boots, mix and match different styles of clothing. This kind of dress is more fashionable, and the style is different ~

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