How much do you know about credit administrators?

Occupation definition

Credit manager refers to the use of modern credit economy,

Professional knowledge of credit management and related disciplines follow the basic principles of the market economy, and use credit management technology and methods to engage in professional and consumer credit risk management. Credit manager’s occupation is defined as professionals engaged in credit risk management and credit reporting technology in an enterprise.

Occupation content

The main tasks of credit manager include: 1. Establish an effective corporate credit management system; 2. Formulate corporate credit systems and credit policies; 3. In the early stage of the transaction, conduct credit investigation and evaluation of the transaction objects ; 4. In the middle of the transaction, the corresponding account collection management is strengthened, and necessary measures are taken to transfer risk to protect corporate claims; Credit credit database preventive risks and open up the market.



Credit managers, as a new occupation of the country, were officially released to the society in March 2005 by the Ministry of Labor and Social Security. January 2006, “

The National Professional Standards for Credit Manager “is also issued and implemented by the Ministry of Labor and Social Security. Credit managers are high -end occupations with high professional professionals in credit manager and high level of international occupations and high international levels. It has been included in the “Professional Classification Classification Classification of the People’s Republic of China” (additional supplement), and the occupation code is: 2-07-03-06, which belongs to the second largest category of the national occupation, namely a national occupation in the major system of professional and technical personnel. Credit manager vocational qualification training and appraisal shall be responsible for organizing implementation and related work by the China Marketing Society Credit Skills Appraisal Expert Committee of the China Marketing Society Credit Work Committee Vocational Skills Appraisal Expert Committee and the Credit Manager Professional Committee. A certificate of qualification certificate for the China Employment Training Technology Guidance Center of the Ministry of Labor and Social Security. The Credit Working Committee of the Chinese Market Society is included in the “China Credit Manager Professional Talent Pavilion” to conduct talent recommendations and in -depth vocational development and continuing education for the society.

Professional level

Professional settings are divided into three levels: assistant credit manager (national vocational qualification level 3) credit manager (national vocational qualification 2nd level) senior credit manager (national professional qualification level)

Professional appraisal

Appraisal organization

: Credit Manager

Occupational qualification appraisal is organized and managed by the National Vocational Skills Appraisal Center. Those who have qualified for appraisal examinations will issue national vocational qualification certificates.


: It is divided into theoretical knowledge test and professional ability assessment. The theoretical knowledge and professional ability assessment uses a closed -volume written test or computer test. The theoretical knowledge test and professional ability assessment are adopted by a percentage system. The scores are qualified for 60 or above. Credit managers and senior credit manager identification also need to conduct comprehensive review.

Vocational Training

Full -time vocational school education is determined in accordance with the “National Vocational Standards for Credit Manager” and its training goals and teaching plans. Promotion training period: No less than 160 standards for assistants’ credit managers; no less than 130 standards for credit managers; no less than 120 standards for senior credit manager.

Training objectives

The assistant credit manager should be able to be able to use basic skills and special skills to complete the specific business of credit management, and have the ability to operate and implement credit management; credit manager should be able to use special skills and special skills Regular work has independent processing and resolution of credit management techniques and organizational management capabilities; senior credit manager should be able to use special skills and special skills to complete the complex and unconventional tasks of the credit management, and be able to master the use of credit using credit The key technical skills of management, independently handle and solve the technical problems of high difficulty in credit management, and can organize the technical transformation and innovation of credit management according to the actual situation, have the ability to lead credit management, plan strategic arrangements and organizational management capabilities.

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