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轻便实用又耐看的通勤包,这 10 款利用率超高

In recent years, the female leader’s workplace drama has become more and more popular. There is the ideal city of the mother -in -law and the recently popular female psychologist.

Although the plot direction is also controversial, at least the TV series finally focuses on more eyes.

Women’s workplace life.


“Workplace commute installation”

Keywords are becoming more and more linked to fashion. “Black suit+briefcase” is no longer standard for office workers, and workers can

Sense of fashion and professionalism


Picture source: whowhatwear

A good set of commute installations,

Of course, bags are essential

轻便实用又耐看的通勤包,这 10 款利用率超高

, Especially in winter, everyone’s clothes are dark, and the good -looking commute bags are definitely

Light on dressing to enhance the overall taste

Key elements.

Last year, I told you the way to buy the commute bags. How to choose a commute bag? I recommend these 6

轻便实用又耐看的通勤包,这 10 款利用率超高

Here I also summarize the owners who want to be lazy

The main points of buying the “commuting package”:


: The preferred materials such as nylon, abrasive canvas, cowhide and other are more durable materials;


: Select the commute package suitable for your height and demand according to “large capacity” and “small capacity”;

Storage system

: Bags are best to have space division and layered design;

Carrying design

: Look at the self -weight of the “Bag Material Weight” and “Hardware Parts Weight”. The shoulder straps and portable leather and shoulder wide shoulder straps will be more comfortable than the hardware chain;

Suitable for workplace wear

In combination with your own professional needs, try to choose a good texture.

Alright, the homework is done, it is easy to choose a bag, let’s take a look at the arrangements I arrange for everyone


Suitable for winter commute bags, according to the bag style

2 categories

Fashionable city


Demellier the los angeles

Reference price: ¥ 4100

Purchasing channel: applet Demellier

Although the first time IG was brushed in IG


When I was attracted by the face value of the bag, but I really started because

🍅 🍅 🍅 🍅


This the LOS Angeles is 🍅

From last year to the present

Bags that are not available, especially in line with one I want one

“A sense of design + can be installed”

轻便实用又耐看的通勤包,这 10 款利用率超高

The requirements for Totbags.

This bag is like dumplings folds in

Delicate soft and glutinous leather

轻便实用又耐看的通勤包,这 10 款利用率超高

Under the blessing, there is a kind of look at it at a glance

Lazy atmosphere

It is not a rigid impression that the traditional Tot bag is.

Demellier Midi Los Angeles

IG: demellierlondon

轻便实用又耐看的通勤包,这 10 款利用率超高

When it comes to capacity, I think it is up to a tablet like this bag. I didn’t expect

轻便实用又耐看的通勤包,这 10 款利用率超高

It is super easy to put a 13 -inch computer

, Even with all kinds of fragmented small objects, no problem,

Very good!


轻便实用又耐看的通勤包,这 10 款利用率超高

The body is also unexpectedly light

It is quite easy to cross the upper body with a computer.

Sometimes I want to be a little formal,

Remove the shoulder strap

Hand is also very elegant

As for how good the upper body is, this only knows this when CF is frequently appeared next door, it can be elegant at will, it is completely

Universal universal

Anyway, I can’t do without this bag now.

Gucci 1955 HORSEBIT

Reference price: ¥ 23500

Purchase channel: official website

GUCCI’s 1955

I wo n’t say much about how hot,

Retro and elegant, bring some college atmosphere

This bag can be seen every autumn and winter every year.

In 1955, the brass -colored horseshoe buckle design was used by Alessandro Michele on the common BOX packaging type in recent years.

The subtle balance of retro and modern

轻便实用又耐看的通勤包,这 10 款利用率超高

Except for Celine Box, no bag can still have such a high recognition and influence.

Unlike many of the same bag type, 1955

Local designs like accordion

Will be able to pretend a little, and add it

Many small dark bags and compartments

Easy to store.

轻便实用又耐看的通勤包,这 10 款利用率超高

The adjustable shoulder straps are convenient whether it is upper shoulder or messenger, and it is also suitable for different heights.



Back to the back is very temperamental bags.

Compared to the hot old flowers stitching models, I think

Pure leather model 1955

It is also worth starting, not so picky and more versatile.

Monochrome pure skin 1955

Reserved the calmness of the retro feeling

It will not be as strong as the old flower style, and it will not be contrasting in autumn and winter to balance the slightly tough and personalized leather items.


Summer back

Instead, you can also hold all kinds of printed and colorful items, and it is more suitable for having a trace.

Retro atmosphere


The owner.

Osoi bean shoulder bag

Reference price: ¥ 3427

Buying channel: Farfetch


It is a niche brand from South Korea. Its bags have no extra design.

Cute shape

It is a bag that cannot be separated from the habit.

The most recognizable in its family is


It is a bit inconvenient for the iconic circular design in winter.

Autumn And Winter

I want to start with the owner of its bag, I recommend more suggestions


This one.

轻便实用又耐看的通勤包,这 10 款利用率超高


轻便实用又耐看的通勤包,这 10 款利用率超高


Under the shoulder armpit

Larger space

, Autumn and winter are thicker.

The full shape of the body is a bit like ingot, not only does it look thick and cute,

The capacity is more capable

After loading a bunch of makeup supplies and sunglasses, there are still a lot of free. If there are not many commute things, it is enough.

Left: Original leather shoulder strap

Right: Metal Band

IG: osoi_PR

Shoulder strap

It is also a very special metal lock design.


If you want to go shopping on the weekend, if you want a more personality, you will change it to the new one.


, Very futuristic.

Although Osoi is a minimalist style, but again

Love to play color

It is really made with the basic sweater used to match the basic sweater. It can also be used to match the dresses of next spring and summer.

It’s not greasy all year round

The bag.

Saint Laurent Manhattan shoulder bag

Reference price: ¥ 18500

Saint Laurent’s this


It can be said that the recent popular fried chicken, and even Hermes Kelly said, the price of less than 2W is really better than that of Kelly.

In fact, except for the lace lock appearance, it looks a bit similar to Kelly, but the actual




It’s completely different.

Kelly is a overlapping solid design. Hardware has a bright luster, but Mahattan is

轻便实用又耐看的通勤包,这 10 款利用率超高

More convenient magnetic design

, I also made the old texture, with a little bit

Retro luxurious atmosphere

轻便实用又耐看的通勤包,这 10 款利用率超高

Founder’s bag is buckled by a simple thin belt, and it has been very YSL.

“Equipped Sexy”

The charm, I personally think that Manhattan is more handsome and more handsome than Kelly.

Picture source left: Carousell

Picture source: laia magnet

Back to the bag itself, although although


, But can also put in

轻便实用又耐看的通勤包,这 10 款利用率超高

ipad mini

The capacity of the capacity is very suitable for the owner who does not need to bring computers and too much information at work.

Shoulder straps adjustable

The design is also very intimate. It is usually adjusted according to the thickness and usage habits of dressing. If you want to go to Lounge for a drink after get off work,

It is also fashionable as a hand bag.

This bag is more popular

BOX leather

Crocodile press

Two models.

It is a smooth texture with a fog surface, but the feeling of the upper body is better than the crocodile pattern.

Low -key and restrained

With a little bit of insistence, it is recommended that you don’t like the master who is too public.

轻便实用又耐看的通勤包,这 10 款利用率超高

Overall, Manhattan is more suitable

The master who wants to wear posh to work at work

, Especially suitable for designed items such as suits, coats, leather boots, etc., the upper body is superb.

Senrevs Maestra

Reference price: ¥ 6470

Tao password: 09, how can he be able to come?

I don’t know if everyone has found it, on the market

Suitable for commuting large capacity

轻便实用又耐看的通勤包,这 10 款利用率超高


There are not many, but not too bulky, or too casual to hold the field, especially for

Mature workplace women

轻便实用又耐看的通勤包,这 10 款利用率超高

There are fewer shoulder bags.

Senrevs’s Maestra is rare

Beautiful and pretended backbone bag

, Simple and smooth line design

The texture of the whole skin is visual or touching

They are all high -level

Platform leather and version are enough


Even if there are too many things, there will be no feeling of being unable to support it.

Because it is for

Modern urban women commute

The designed bag, Maestra really considers our needs from the inside out.

Picture source: Senrevs flagship store

The first point is to exaggerate

It can be pretended like a large number

15 -inch notebook computer

轻便实用又耐看的通勤包,这 10 款利用率超高

, Tsub

10.5 -inch tablet

It is not a problem. This capacity is really a leader in commuting.

And Maestra still

Super reasonable storage system

Compared with the “pseudo -capacity” without a compartment, its family is well divided into the space of computers, data, important documents, and crude objects. The well is well -organized, and the space is naturally available. It is more convenient to find things.

Add shoulder strap

Back and crossbody

轻便实用又耐看的通勤包,这 10 款利用率超高

The design is really convenient for all use scenarios of the commuters. It can be casual and formal, and it is very convenient to liberate both hands in one second.

Celine 16 series

轻便实用又耐看的通勤包,这 10 款利用率超高

Reference price: ¥ 25000

轻便实用又耐看的通勤包,这 10 款利用率超高

Purchase channel: counter

The 16

It was the first bag launched since Hedi Slimane took over Celine. Remember that the wind review of this bag at the time was also two extremes.

At the beginning, I felt that the design of the handle and the trapezoidal bag was more formal, which was relatively suitable for mature women in the workplace, or women like Lady Gaga had strong aura.


Soft 16 Medium, which came out in 2020

Just by my

Lawyer friend

Plant grass.

Extend and width soft shoulder strap

Instead of elegant handle,

Rectangular packaging design

More capable personality, even younger workplace can control.

Left: Celine Soft 16 Medium Tan

Right: Celine Soft 16 Medium Grey

Except for installation

13.3 -inch computer

In addition to a bunch of materials, there are

A small partition installation of important documents

I have basically not changed the bag during that time. Whether it is a trial or a business business trip, the utilization rate is very high.

I like the lord who is stronger in autumn and winter, you can choose

Hot brown

; If you need a low -key atmosphere like my lawyer friend, you can choose all the colors of the year and four seasons, you can choose

light grey

It can be worn whether it is a coat or a silk shirt.

One said, the size of Soft 16 Medium is for


The height is not too friendly. If you really like it, it is recommended to try it on the upper body.

If you don’t need to bring a computer at work, and you want to start with the owner of this series, you can also see

New Teen Soft 16.

Celine Teen Soft 16

Teen 16 keeps the lock design with high recognition,

The narrowing type is also very friendly to the small man

, Folding umbrellas and tablets that are necessary for commuting can be stored.

Smooth cowhide tactile feels soft

轻便实用又耐看的通勤包,这 10 款利用率超高

, I don’t feel cold and hard.

And the Teen series has

8 colors

In addition to the universal black and brown, like more lively military green, the rough flowers of retro French atmosphere are spliced, it is easy to pick it up, commute and leisure.

轻便实用又耐看的通勤包,这 10 款利用率超高

Hermes Herbag

Reference price: ¥ 19000

Speaking of classic and elegant commute bags, I have to mention it

Hermes’s Herbag

Herbag was designed in 1998. Because the designer refers to Kelly’s design information, it has both Kelly’s elegance,

“Hunter leather + canvas”

The stitching material has added a lot of casual genes to itself.

This also makes HERBAG look different in Hermes’s precious bag family,

Randomly with a little personality

, I don’t feel too strong to go to work.

In addition to the Herbag backpack that has been discontinued, Herbag currently has mainly

PM, mm


Three sizes, most people back, and more suitable for girls


轻便实用又耐看的通勤包,这 10 款利用率超高

That’s what you usually say


Left: Zhou Hermes Herbag backpack

Right: Hermes Herbag 39

Herbag 31 can put in 11 -inch iPad Pro

The capacity is enough for the owner who does not need to bring too much information.

轻便实用又耐看的通勤包,这 10 款利用率超高

Everyone loves to vomit

The buttons are not easy to cover

At this point, I started with Herbag for a few years and also raised her hands in favor, but she felt

Half -open and semi

As long as it is not too formal occasion, it is not hindrance.

If the original standard shoulder strap feels too hard and long, it is recommended that everyone

Change the width shoulder strap

I like to change a shorter, and my back can just pinch the height of the bag. It will be more neat and higher in autumn and winter with coats.

Aspinal of london hobo baby

Reference price: ¥ 1751-2802

Aspinal of london

轻便实用又耐看的通勤包,这 10 款利用率超高

Home bag, both

British unique elegance and formal

, And not too rigorous style, always inadvertently let people feel the soft charm of women, is the kind of commuting bag that can accompany you to grow.

This underarm bag in his family has been continuing

Classic bag

From today’s perspective, there is a retro charm, which is not easy to collide on the street.

One thing I like the most is his family,

Cortical is really good

, Leather is a smooth texture of butter. You can clearly see the pores and lines of the leather.

The more soft and waxy leather materials are used, the more soft and waxy leather


Picture source: whowhatwear


Fashionable city








轻便实用又耐看的通勤包,这 10 款利用率超高

Purchase channel: official website

Purchase channel: official website



BOX leather

Purchase channel: counter

It has been fine for 10 years.

轻便实用又耐看的通勤包,这 10 款利用率超高

Aspinal of London Hobo Bag Burgundy Red

IG: Aspinaloflondon

Such leather,

Pure hand -made bag

The price can always be controlled

Below 3K

I think it is great.

As a underarm bag

The capacity is too capable


11.6 -inch MacBook Air

轻便实用又耐看的通勤包,这 10 款利用率超高

Just put it.

The color of this bag is actually quite a lot, like the dazzling orange and purple, but I still love it more

Classic Burgundy Red

Whether it is matched with dark coats or light trench coats in autumn and winter, it is very atmospheric.

Longchamp roseau handbag

Reference price: ¥ 2900-10700/Different materials are different

Tao password: 08 Hee can be self -confident and he can live well, I am confident

There was a previous editorial department

轻便实用又耐看的通勤包,这 10 款利用率超高

The longest bag used

In the collection, we all talked

轻便实用又耐看的通勤包,这 10 款利用率超高

Longchamp nylon bag,

If you don’t have an accident, almost all of them are

5 years


It can be super durable from the back of the university library to business trips.

轻便实用又耐看的通勤包,这 10 款利用率超高

The Roseau series all -leather material of Longchamp’s Roseau series is relatively suitable for most workplace needs than classic nylon models.

Formally elegant but not rigid

And the same


It is a very “real” commuting package.

Roseau series

Clean and neat, the design of the metal bamboo faste


It is a relatively low -key fashion sense.

The bag also continues its home

Classic dumplings

The open buckle on both sides can enlarge the capacity, and the buckle is a more elegant and restrained trapezoidal bag.

Longchamp Roseau Axillary Bag 2022 Spring and Summer New

Of course the most real point is


Now, the large size can be pretended to be properly installed

MacBook Pro

, The arc -shaped super soft

Extended shoulder strap

Wearing fluffy down jackets in winter can also be good.


You can put down the A4 folder, as well as a special storage wallet and the inner bag of the mobile phone.


It is also very practical.

轻便实用又耐看的通勤包,这 10 款利用率超高

This series


There are also more eye -catching eyes. In the hot “Force of Love”, the heroine also carried Roseau’s median and mini models. Domineering and elegant look can be held. It’s really nothing to say.

Mansur Gavriel Swing Qiu Qian Shoulder Bags

轻便实用又耐看的通勤包,这 10 款利用率超高

Reference price: ¥ 4600-5800/Different size according to the size

轻便实用又耐看的通勤包,这 10 款利用率超高

Tao password: 87 letter is going to look at the more he can see more at home.

Mansur Gaveriel

I planted its bucket bag and shoulder bag around 2013 around 2013.

At that time, it was the house

Pure simple, a little warm and cute

The style of the style was attracted. At that time, the niche brand of the new innovation of a water label at that time was also very special. Although it was expected that it would be very hot, but it was really difficult to buy it and missed it.

Although late, its family finally opened the flagship store in Tmall. After watching the new model, it was planted again


The most favorite of swing is when you carry it on your body

The arc generated in the middle of the bodies

Degree, there is no creation



It makes people feel so comfortable and gentle.

Picture source: The yes

Soft and silky cowhide

Let the bodies have a fluffy gloss, and I feel light and good at a glance.

Large Swing

There is no even 500 ml of Yila can beer, loading in

13 -inch laptop

I still shoulder shoulder, I think the same bag type is rarely done.

Swing is the same as other bags in his house,

There are many colors to choose from

In addition to the wild black, caramel and cream white, I plan to enter a sky blue.


Used to match dark coats, lascivious and memory points;

Spring and summer

It is also very energetic with T -shirts and jeans. I feel that the whole summer is cool. It can be said that it is

How to match all year and four seasons is very brilliant

One bag.

Alright, the above is arranged for everyone this time

Autumn and winter commute bags grass list

Although it is based on the theme of autumn and winter, try to choose as much as possible in the selection of styles

Look at simple

轻便实用又耐看的通勤包,这 10 款利用率超高

Hanging, there are many colors, in fact, it also belongs to the type that can be memorized all year round.

Everyone picks up according to their own needs


Just good

Did you pick up your favorite bag this time?

轻便实用又耐看的通勤包,这 10 款利用率超高

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