Xu Lu’s clothing is also very good, suits and hooded sweaters, simple and high -level and suitable for ordinary people

Seeing that it is about to set up spring, this means that it is the season of wearing a suit. I wonder if everyone wants to wear a suit? If you have n’t thought about it or have time, you may wish to take a look at Xu Lu’s suit style to ensure that everyone is full. Xu Lu’s clothing crushes everyone, and the suit is stacked to wear a hooded sweater. The simple and high -level is also suitable for ordinary people to wear.


Analysis of Xu Lu’s suit style


1: Choose a black suit

With the development of fashion and diversification, the color of the suit is richer year by year, but wearing it, many people think that the black suit is best to wear and the most practical. The key is that there is a first -class lean effect. Whether it is a slim -fitting black suit or a loose black suit on Xu Lu, it will wear a thin ten -pound effect. The advantage of this point of dressing not only crushes other colors of suit, but also makes women unable to refuse.

2: Stacking a hooded sweater


Folding the hooded sweater is popular. Although wearing it can easily wear a sense of fashion, it has been popular for a long time, and it will also appear that it is annoying to wear and others. At that time, everyone may wish to choose a suit and hooded sweater of the same color like Xu Lu; then, then wear the hat of the hooded sweater to ensure that the fashion fan can be available at once.

3: With wide -leg jeans

Regarding the choice of pants, Xu Lu chose wide -leg jeans. This is a kind of pants with a sense of youthful vitality and no requirements for legs. It is most suitable for young girls like Xu Lu. In addition, with the youthful vitality atmosphere of wide -leg jeans, black suit and black hooded sweater not only did not have a dull feeling, but also produced age reduction effects. Girls who need to wear on age can also wear wide -leg jeans.


After analyzing Xu Lu’s suit style, I have to admit that Xu Lu is also a master in dressing. If you feel that your clothes are not as good as Xu Lu, you may wish to continue to understand Xu Lu’s dress with me.


Continue to understand Xu Lu’s wear

Sweater set

The sweater suite is mainly leisure style. The version is mainly loose. In order to avoid putting the sweater set out of bloated, many people wear a sweater suit. Although this method of wearing is not fat, it lacks novelty. If you want to wear a sweater set to be stunning, you can try Xu Lu’s “cotton suit+sweater set” to wear. It is unique and warm. However, it should be noted that because there are not many people wearing “cotton clothes+sweater suits”. In order to avoid wearing a sense of abruptness, we try to choose the same color cotton clothing and sweater suite.

Pink sweater


The pink sweater full of girlishness has always been a single product that 30+ female friends dare not try. They are either worried about not being able to wear a girlishness or worrying about wearing a “tenderness”. If you also have such concerns, let’s take a look at Xu Lu’s style. The calm black coat is combined with the pink sweater, and the girl feels just right. It can easily wear 30+ women’s natural and significant dressing effects.


Leather shirt

The leather shirt made of leather fabrics, with its own coolness, is often used by everyone to create a cool handsome look. In fact, leather shirts can also create a feminine sexy style, just like Xu Lu, the leather shirt is stacked with a white hollow camisole, which is charming and sexy. What’s even more rare is that even in daily life, it is very suitable.


Regarding the style of Xu Lu’s dressing, I will introduce here. I hope that through the above content, you can learn more with Xu Lu on the future fashion road. Secondly, I also hope that everyone will continue to sum up and wear experience in their studies and strive to surpass Xu Lu one day.

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