The first pair of shoes in the early autumn! In addition to Hongxingrke, there are three treasures of treasure

There is a particularly obvious trend in the past few months-


The whole people began to pick up domestic goods!

The update of the major fashion bloggers will be turned around, and almost the whole body has been contracted by domestic products

As for the reason, I think the most important point is,

The strength is not allowed to continue to be low -key



Take the shoes for example, in addition to cheap grounding, the key

The quality and foot feel are not lost or even more than many big names

Not to mention, now


The design of domestic and shoes has also slowly caught up

And I didn’t mention it last time

361 °, Dafu leap, hot wind

Wait, many girls said that let me take a look at their high -value styles.

No, I will arrange it today

I also summarized them

Designing niche, but the face value, the quality is super high, the most worthy of the early autumn series

Girls don’t have to stare at Hongxingrke, who has been sold out, and see the series of favorite series below

Some time ago

Brush to 361


° is really shocked, is this 361 ° I met during the study period? Intersection and also

It’s so good!


The key is

The cost performance is still very high


Basically rarely exceed 200 yuan.


Moreover, its family in recent years

New series

, Really better than one! If you want to enter sports shoes, 361 ° is definitely worth priority!

① 361 ° Fan Dai

Like it is very hot

【Fan Dai】 Series,


The color matching is super beautiful.

Even the details can score 90 points. its


There are breathable holes on the front side

, Wearing it will not be very stuffy, there is a small embroidery pattern on the side.



Do not pick your feet.

The sole is a soft sole of 361 °. It is about 2 or 3cm high. You can feel the feeling of stepping on shit!


Korean leisure style

Girl, with a small stockings or wearing a short skirt at will, it looks good ~

Color selection

There are also many, you can wear it as girlfriends. but

A bit bigger

If the girl who minds is cautious.

Now the official website is 129 yuan, you can see Fan Dai ~

② 361 ° Yunshu

In addition to the Fan Dai series, its home

【Yun Shu】

It is also completely stepping on my aesthetic point, it is indeed known as

“361 ° Girl Ceban”

There are also multiple colors in this series. I start with this


It is the kind of milk blue in the milk, which will not be very eye -catching.

Compared to the previous pair, this will


More suitable for summer wear

Essence It is a large -scale mesh design, which is very breathable.

It is very similar to Li Ning’s Disney union series, but

The price is better again

Essence Now the official website is 159 yuan, and the number is also very complete. You can quickly start when you are in stock ~

③ 361 ° Yunshang

If you want

Simple color matching or increased effect

Yes, you can see 361 ° from


I think this is a pair of daddy shoes that must be entered.


It is designed with a thick bottom, and the increase effect is absolutely absolutely absolute.

Dwarf stars must enter

, Put on the thief to show long legs.

Compared to those macarons in 361 °, these pairs are relatively fresh,

There is no difficulty to match.

The sole is unique to 361 °

Bulletproof technology

, Foot feel is very good. At the beginning, it will be a bit hard on the foot, but it will be tough when walking a few times.

Climbing mountain or walking or even playing

It is very suitable.


④ 361 ° rouge

If you like simple and versatile, you can start this pair



This kind of melting red color matching at a glance

Very national tide feel

, Stepping on shit is also strong, it can be said that the Nike Air Force has replaced.

The small expression behind is also pretty cute,

It’s lightly walking

Essence Although it is a shoe, it will not look very big.

Small white shoes

Don’t worry about not being good at matching clothes, you can also wear it all year round. But now the color number is gone, if you like it, you can go to other platforms to find it ~

Including it, it often comes out


, Girls with a partner can pay more attention. Like last year’s Pokémon series, Pikachu and Geng Gui are very

Suitable for couple shoes

The only small disadvantage is that many of its shoes

The sole will slip on the rainy days

Walk carefully. However, many thousands of sneakers have the same problem. In contrast, you can also forgive it ~

If 361 is a paradise for sports shoes lovers, then I like it


canvas shoes


The girl should be lock crazy

Dafu leap

This treasure brand!


It was born in the 1950s. It can be said that many people are from many people

Essentials on campus

It doesn’t need to be said well, no one knows basically.

To say the most classic, it must be in its house

When I went to school, I was a pair of people.

It looks flat, but

The soles of the sole “stepping on shit”


It’s really super! Soft can be twisted into a 360 -degree twist, and less than 100+ can wear the foot feeling of thousands of yuan shoes.

Like this pair of leaps very classic


Big logo design style

It is very street, and there are four colors to choose from.

Like a small assistant, they often wear casual clothes, these two more versatile colors start with them.

If you want to be more special, you can also buy this type yourself


Essence Simply buckle up, isn’t it just a pair of unique shoes ~


In addition to the most classic white shoes series, in recent years, its new style is better than one!

Like these joint models, whether it is design or cost -effective, it is online!

① ADM joint model


The most worth mentioning is the leaping and

ADM’s double -name cooperation model

, Red and green CP, pull the retro index directly.


In addition, it is also a big logo design, and the overall looks even more. And this

Canvas material

It won’t be boring at all.


The sole is also leap

Stepping on shit

, I can only describe it with a comfortable word. When I go out, I wear it.

In addition to the retro red and green color scheme, the ADM joint name is more special


Purple blue contrast

, Relatively summer.

Very suitable for use

With the same color clothes

It looks more energetic. But pay attention when this series of shoes washing shoes, the printing part is very good

Easy to dye

② Vintage retro shoes

Of course, the new products of this fall have not disappointed me. These pairs

Retro shoes

As soon as I got new, I was crazy!

Color matching thief

It is this beige and caramel color, which is very vintage.


The toe is very unique

, I have a pointed one, and it seems that the feet are very slender. It belongs to the shoes that can bow their heads and appreciate N times. Haha.

The sole is also commonly used in it


Rubber wear resistance bottom

It is not easy to slip on rainy days.

The key is that it is not as difficult as I think, no matter


Wearing a small white skirt or a suit

, HIN looks good! It is only 89 yuan, the cost -effectiveness is really

③ Lazy people step by step

If you usually like to dress comfortably and lazy, you can see its new autumn new model

Lazy Shoes Series

In addition to the basic black and white beige and checkered, there is also a leopard pattern I like very much


I feel that it is difficult to control the leopard print on the body

If you transfer it to your shoes, it is the best way, it looks good and low -key haha ​​~

And the toe is this year

Very popular “big head”


But don’t worry about putting on the bulky, I think the cute value has covered everything.

You can also press down the heel,


Turning into a half -dragging


It’s even more casual ~

Including this year’s popularity


The leap also made a joint name with the back.

There are four colors, but I think

Beige and rice blue

Relatively more special, the girl you like can enter, less than 100 yuan.

Girls who often visit the mall must be right

Hot wind

It is very familiar, it is a brand of Shanghai, and it has been more than 20 years now.

Unlike 361 °, leaping for sports shoe canvas shoes, its shoes

More complete

Essence But I often buy it

Single shoes and small leather shoes

① flat bottom shoes


As far as the flat -bottomed shoes are concerned, although the style is not very novel, but

Cost -effective and comfortable

Nothing to say.

However, you also need to have some tips when buying. The official price is still not cost-effective. It may take 3-400.

But it

Basically, the season is doing activities


You can squat, search for [Hotwind Hot Wind] in the applet, you can find it. The discount is very strong


The pair I bought


Red Bow Single Shoes

It is the typical ballet shoes, wearing a gentle buff with its own tender buff!


The color of the real thing will look better, that kind of

Senior retro red

, Super Endless look, it is also very white haha ​​~

But the bow in front will be a bit meaty,

Not very suitable for instep height



And the toe is a bit small. When you buy it, remember to choose the largest number. The goods number is H24W1168.

And this pair

Black lattice Maryzhen


This is the new autumn. The toe is round, and it is super small.

But to tell the truth, if it wasn’t for the physical store, I would like to dismiss in seconds when I saw this official website. Really like

Grandma’s grid shoes worn

There is no kind of grassy feeling


It turned out to be discovered later that its home

The buyer showed the seller show.

Like a yellow grid, the blogger’s upper body becomes small and fresh in an instant without a little rustic


If you like it, you can go to the official website. The goods number is H24W1341 and the official website is 99 yuan.


② Black Mary Zhen’s small leather shoes

Except for common single shoes, its home


Mary Zhen’s small leather shoes

This year is also very hot. The cute and love round head design is very small. The small and student party girls are very suitable for starting!

Not only look good, but also

The soles are basically leather

It is not boring in summer. Think about finding one now

Breathable and beautiful, and cheap

Little leather shoes are really rare.


Like these new models

Bow small leather shoes

, Really pushing! Xiaoyuan’s head looks stupid, but super cute and college.

And very versatile,


Change double socks

It is equivalent to changing the double new shoes. The goods number is H02W1361. Now the official website price is 299. You can squat and discount before starting.

If you feel too childish, you can look at this



, Very lady. I flipped through the official website, and basically said that wearing a whole day, there was no phenomenon of grinding feet and good feet.

The sole is about 4cm

, Quiet Mimi increased. The official website price is 219, the item number H2W1707.


Of course, if you are usually

Want to wear work

It also has a lot of such mature and simple styles, which is worth starting, even if it is a holiday ~

Although many people say that this time is consumption, I think that as long as the brand strength is there, this is

A good opportunity for more people to see more people.


Of course, there are still some problems with domestic shoes now, but everything has a progress process. When it is not perfect,


Good or bad, we can only consider it by ourselves when we buy it

It’s ~

I also hope that after this trend, domestic brands are still capable

List of everyone’s purchase alternative list

In the middle, truly strengthen and bigger










The key is

Small white shoes

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