Children’s Drawing Tutorial | Wiring Drawing and Color Imaging “Baby Bear in Winter Winter”


1. Course type

儿童画教程 | 线描与色彩的想象画《小熊宝宝在冬眠》

Watercolor Pen Creative Art Course

2. Reference hours

90 minutes

3. Tool material

Marking pen, watercolor pen, color card paper


Children are very interested in the hibernation of animals. In many children’s illustrations, they also show the scenes of various animals in hibernation from their imaginative perspectives in many children’s illustrations. When the cold wind is whistling outside, what is the animals doing in the tree holes or holes? There are many answers to children, such as reading books, sleeping, enjoying food, hosting dances, etc. in warm caves. Of course, these are the imagination of children, but they also reflect the warm and loving side. In today’s art course, we show the hibernating bear, using rich lines and colors to show the state of the bear when we sleep in the cave, and to expand the scene performance on the ground around the cave, forming a picture full of lines and color beauty. Let’s take a look at the reference tutorial together!

Scenario description

The cold winter is here, and many animals have begun to hibernate. Listen to the teacher’s explanation of the fun popularity of hibernation, and say, do you know which animals need hibernation? Where are they hibernating? In the cave, how would they pass the long winter time? Choose a kind of animal you are interested in and start a rich imagination!

儿童画教程 | 线描与色彩的想象画《小熊宝宝在冬眠》

Difficulty in curriculum

1. Choose a kind of animal you are interested in to show the scene during hibernation.

儿童画教程 | 线描与色彩的想象画《小熊宝宝在冬眠》

Choose a kind of hibernating animal that you are interested in and pay attention to expressing the appearance characteristics of the animal; then what do the animals in your brush do in a warm cave? It can be sleeping, playing, etc., start imagination, and show vivid and interesting picture scenes.

儿童画教程 | 线描与色彩的想象画《小熊宝宝在冬眠》

2. Use rich colors and lines to express different scenarios in the cave and outside the cave.

When painting, choose a bright color to match and depict the color of the animals in the cave, and use black and white lines to express the scene outside the cave, so that the entire picture is clear and strong.

Painting tutorial

儿童画教程 | 线描与色彩的想象画《小熊宝宝在冬眠》

Draw a cave on the sketch paper with a mark

And draw an animal in the cave

儿童画教程 | 线描与色彩的想象画《小熊宝宝在冬眠》

Use rich lines and patterns

Rich and decorate the content in the picture

Choose bright colors

儿童画教程 | 线描与色彩的想象画《小熊宝宝在冬眠》

Match the color of the animals in the cave

Careful adjustment and rich color of the picture

Make the visual effect of the work more vivid

儿童画教程 | 线描与色彩的想象画《小熊宝宝在冬眠》

Prepare scissors to cut the work along the side line

Paste the lining on a piece of dark blue cardboard

Use correction liquid and high -light pen

Details such as snowflakes such as snowflakes

儿童画教程 | 线描与色彩的想象画《小熊宝宝在冬眠》

After -school review


儿童画教程 | 线描与色彩的想象画《小熊宝宝在冬眠》

In today’s art courses, the content of our main painting is small animals in the cave. By using rich lines and colors to learn the arrangement of animal painting and scene arrangement, to exercise the ability of children to organize pictures, improve color and lines Expression.

2. In painting, the children show the characteristics of animals, the theme is outstanding, the composition is full and novel; and use rich lines and colors to decorate and perform the picture, full of color and warmth contrast, sparse lines of lines, the lines of lines In contrast; the main body of the entire work is properly organized with the background, the picture is lively and full of innocence.

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