New Orleans grilled wing marinat formula


There are five pounds in the middle wings, one onion, and one ginger.



First clean the middle wings, then change the flower knife on both sides, cut the water after cutting, cut the onion into grains, cut the ginger into slices, and keep it for later use.

Pickled recipe:

Flexible treasure 15 grams, 10 grams of fresh spicy flavor powder, 30 grams of Oliang grilled wings marinade, 50 grams of oyster sauce, 20 grams of cooking wine, appropriate amount of red oil, and then put in the cut onion and ginger.One night, the taste of wearing a string the next day is more flavorful.

Baking skills:

Put the wearing middle wings in a baked oven and bake in two golden sides without blood.Then sprinkle with barbecue powder, pepper powder, cumin powder, white sesame, bake for two minutes, and Oliang grilled wings are ready.

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