Hello Kitty Girls Cosmetic Plusal Sweatper two -piece set $ 13.21+$ 4.41 Direct mail freight

Hello Kitty was born in London, England in 1974. In 1976, Sanrio, Japan, officially obtained the distribution and ownership of the Hello Kitty brand, and made Kate cats swept the world for more than 30 years.

This Hello Kitty baby girl 2 set, including the upper and lower outfits, using 80%cotton and 20%polyester blend fabric, smooth and soft, comfortable and breathable, hoodie design, spots style design, chest hello kitty pattern design, very kawaiiiiModel.Suitable for babies 1-2 years old.

Amazon, the current price of this red 6-9 month code current price

$ 13.21

, Dutyless Direct mail charging

$ 4.41

, Get a contract with

115 yuan (without tax)

Hello Kitty女童连帽抓绒卫衣 两件套 $13.21+$4.41直邮运费


Xiaobian has something to say: As soon as the eyes are closed, the price changes, the eyes are opened, the inventory is gone, and the “good heart” of the “good heart” hand is fast.In addition, the preferential code of the mall is only valid once, and the editor can only say in tears: Chen Ye can’t do it.It is recommended that the guest officers who want to use the code to personally buy the baby home.

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