The checkered jacket becomes a “opening of the year”.

Share the most classic fashion wear, so that you can be high -level in the four seasons. Women never lack attraction, only lack the skills of stimulating charm, and will wear it to make you a tasteful elegant woman!



After the annual weather, we will start to warm up. At this time, there must be corresponding changes to wear. The thin and light jacket is about to become the mainstream of fashion. The first to understand the trend of jackets, you can wear more refined and more fashionable than your peers.

To say that the classic and versatile jacket, the plaid jacket must be on the list, and it is not too much on the top of the list. The application of the plaid element on the jacket gives the jacket a stylish and agile charm. The plaid jacket is more helpful to optimize the image temperament than the solid color jacket, and it can be worn by how many years old.

The plaid is not out of time, because there are many types of checkered, and they are constantly being updated. Jackets with checkered design will also show stronger attractiveness. Will wear plaid jackets, don’t worry about your temperament.

The checkered jacket becomes a “opening of the year”, and the star models are liked, and the fashion is pretty old. Finally know why the checkered is classic, and the past New Year’s piece of plaid jacket cannot be moved.

The checked type of plaid jacket

Classic plaid

The plaid is composed of lines, and there are many ways to change, so the checkered element will not give people a single sense. There are many classics of complex designs in the fashion industry, such as



As well as

Prince Wilson’s checkered



These plaids are okay

Single presentation

It can also


, The charm of wearing is very strong. The classic design allows wearing elegance and mild charm. Classic design is often the most attractive.


The trend plaid and classic checkered correspondence. Most of the classic plaid design is evenly distributed and regular, but the trendy plaid is different.

Overlapping combination

Different sizes or different colors of plaid superimposed use, showing the charm of lively trend.


Some plackets still include


The application of printing makes wearing more fashionable personality, and more temperament and vitality. Irregular plaids or printing plaids can attract attention and express their image characteristics.

Style type of plaid jacket

Self -slim jacket


Slim plaid jacket


High, most of the short and short models, can show the sense of lines and delicateness of the upper body, amplify the advantages of the image. The slim short plaid jacket can ensure the precise display of the fashion charm, showing the charm of the checkered, but not stimulating the vision, and the decoration is just right.

Slim short jackets can show the charm of figure. If you want to enlarge your advantages, you can match

Self -cultivation

Under the bottom,


Short skirt


They are quite distinctive.


Loose shirt jacket

The shirt jacket is a jacket from a checkered shirt. The basic design of this jacket is in use

Shirt style

, Can show the randomness and leisure of shirts, but the fabric will be thicker,



The design is more.

Loose shirt and jackets are suitable


Come and wear, the performance of the performance is more chic, atmospheric, dressing to the body




Low, low limit on the body, most people can wear it.

Light luxury small incense jacket

Xiaoxiangfeng is synonymous with luxury. The plaid jacket is also in line with the temperament of the small incense wind. As long as

Basic element

In line, wearing style will be strong. Apply soft fabric, use

Oblique weaving design

The plaid on the jacket is finely designed, but it is not eye -catching, and the sense of light luxury gradually enhances.

After the light luxury small incense jacket is paired with checkered, the design will look more


It shows the taste of wearing, making the visual charm a lot stronger, and wearing image quality.

The matching of a plaid jacket

Checked jacket+half skirt

Simple slim -fit the checkered jacket is suitable for matching the skirt. The short design can show women


Exquisite and exquisite


For senior, the half skirt can enhance these advantages, the key is how to choose styles and colors.

If you want to zoom in plaid fashion charm, you can match

Plaid skirt


There must be obvious differences in the design of the upper and lower plaids to avoid showing the same texture and improving the flexibility and diversity of temperament.

Checked jacket+trousers


There are more checkered jackets for trousers, and there are more types of plaid jackets, trousers


Many, everyone can choose pants that meet their own dress requirements and standards. With a stylish and stylish plaid jacket, the charm of temperament cannot be bad.

Short plaid jacket

It can be paired with high waist trousers, so that it can highlight the charm of long legs and waist, and wearing exquisite and capable.

Long loose version

The plaid jacket can be paired with casual trousers to highlight the casual temperament or neutral dress characteristics.

Checkered jacket set

The temperament of the checkered suit is more intellectual, elegant, and in line with

Mature woman

Temperament woman

as well as

Workplace woman

Dressing style requirements.

Small incense wind

The plaid jacket set is very common, others

Sectional grid


Printed plaid set

It also has its own characteristics. The suit is paired with simple solid color inner matching.


The plaid jacket is more temperamental than traditional jackets and has a stronger effect on the image, so don’t wear a leather jacket or denim jacket, and choose a personalized checkered jacket to make a sense of high -level and fashion.

Master the season’s fashion elements and become exquisite tide people! If you do n’t play tall, you just talk about the most grounded drying skills to make you get closer and closer to fashion. Welcome to share fashion insights and understanding!

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