Why do Japanese people like to use transparent umbrellas?

When it comes to the transparent umbrella in Japan, the first thing to talk about is a company that specializes in making rain gear, called

ホワ イ ト ロ ー ロ

In fact, it is White Rose, which means white roses.

It is really unique to use this name as an umbrella company. Of course, the main products in it are also white.


Although the company’s name is foreign, it is a very long -established company. It was founded in 1721 and became a special rain gear company in 1825. Of course, it is also a family business. During the Edo period, in order to prevent the tobacco from being wet by the rain, they made waterproof raincoats, including waterproof canvas on the human car. These were the main products at the time.

Later, during World War II, the rainware company had passed on to the ninth generation of Sudo Sanjo. But the boss of this company ran for a while for a reason …

Everyone knows that after World War II, Japan was sanctioned by the victory. Among them, the Japanese captives were placed by the Soviet Union for mandatory labor in Siberia as slaves in the cold cold. The three men of Subori were one of them, and it was not released until 1949. At that time, although people were back, the family business was gone because of the boss and was in a state of bankruptcy.

After Sugo returned, the first urgent thing was how to re -develop the umbrella market that has been divided by melon.

There is only one way to reconstruct the market, which is innovation.

But what are the innovative places for umbrellas? Sudo thought hard every day, frowning.

At that time, because the technology was underdeveloped, although ordinary people were all used umbrellas, there was a problem that the cloth umbrella would be faded when it was wet, and it would also be stained with clothes. At that time, Sudo thought, how to solve the problem of color loss? At this time, in an accident, he saw the plastic tablecloth used by the U.S. military in Japan and covered it on the tablecloth. Because it was transparent, it would not affect the aesthetics of the tablecloth and waterproof. Why do umbrella cloth also use “tablecloth”?

So Sugo was inspired and started to develop plastic umbrella cover wrapped outside the umbrella. Transparent, not affecting the appearance, and waterproof. At that time, the umbrella cover was made. Intersection There are long queues at the door of each store selling umbrella cover. At the same time, no one knows the “white rose” brand street and alleys, and the umbrella cover has achieved great success.

There is no meaningful map here:

At this time, according to the reason, the story should be happy ending. From then on, Sudo sleeps every day and wakes up naturally, counts the money to cramps, and lives a happy life.

However, reality and ideals are always different.

Later, with the development of technology, the advent of nylon and waterproof materials, the umbrella no longer had the trouble of fading color, and at the same time, the umbrella cover was gradually unable to sell.

The market has changed, and Sugo and his “white roses” feel unprecedented crisis.

At this time, Xu Teng thought: Otherwise, just use the same material as an umbrella cover, plastic to make an umbrella! Intersection

As a result, by 1955, the world’s first transparent plastic umbrella was born. Transparent, milky white. It looks crystal clear, and there is never such a strange umbrella in the world. The luck is also very good. This umbrella that depends on “selling the face” has no special features, and can always attract the attention of others as soon as possible.


According to the reason, the story should be happy ending. From then on, Sudo sleeps every day and wakes up naturally, counts the money to cramps, and has lived a happy life.

but! Intersection Intersection

Reality and ideals are always different! Intersection

Plastic umbrellas are cheaper than ordinary umbrellas, and they look like heavenly fairy, so they are jealous of Hongyan, and they have been resisted by the umbrella. Even department stores cannot enter. He was engaged (this sentence was edited by Nana), and the warehouse was full of umbrellas that were generally squeezed. There is no way, “White Rose” had to go to the streets of various commercial streets in Tokyo to find small shops and talks to talk about operations.

The turnaround appeared in the year of the 1964 Tokyo Olympic. Tourists and businessmen around the world flew to Tokyo to watch the Olympic Games. A U.S. umbrella dealer at a glance saw the transparent umbrella in Tokyo and felt strange. So whose umbrella is this everywhere? Intersection


Fortunately, the prince finally found Cinderella with glass shoes. The purchasers and “White Rose” talked about the purchase conditions. Therefore, the transparent umbrella was not in the United States in Japan. Rose successfully.

Later, white roses transformed the transparent umbrella, not only a variety of colors, but also printed patterns and patterns on plastic. These different styles are becoming popular in Ginza. You know, Ginza is the popularity of Japan’s popularity. Many happy products start from Ginza. Therefore, the popularity of transparent umbrellas caught the eyes of the media at once, and began to report that “Ginza’s popular transparent umbrella” was so good! Intersection As a result, the media effect was very obvious. Suddenly, the transparent umbrella suddenly became a popular vane. In the 1970s and 1980s, umbrellas were not transparent and embarrassed to say hello to people. So other competitors began to follow the trend, and there were countless transparent umbrella manufacturers in Japan. Of course, at this time, the transparent umbrella has also been popularized to Japan.

Is transparent umbrella fashion?


The trend of the people finally affected the upper levels.

In the 1980s, members began to require customized and transparent umbrellas to speak to the people during rainy days. Because it is too serious to support a black umbrella on rainy days, it is not conducive to the image of members of the members. The transparent umbrella allows people to see their own expressions.

Coincidentally, Queen Miko also customized the transparent umbrella for the same reason to increase the interaction with the public during public activities.

By 2000, the movie “Battle Royale” of Kitano Wu was released in Europe and the United States. The transparent umbrellas that appeared from time to time in the movie made European audiences refresh. At this point, the transparent umbrella finally passed to all parts of the world and became a one that ordinary people can consume. Selection.


It is said that the British Queen Ai Transparent Umbrella:

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