Porch shoe cabinet price and purchase precautions

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Everyone knows the porch. I have brought a lot of convenience to everyone. Today we will talk about the porch. What are the precautions for the purchase of the shoe cabinet? Let ’s take a look at the knowledge introduction of the Xiaobian Xuanguan Shoe Cabinet.

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What is the price of the porch shoe cabinet?

The following is the introduction of the price of several brands of porch shoe cabinets for your purchase reference:

1. Ding Mantang European -style shoe cabinet Simple and modern porch shoe cabinet white environmentally friendly paint French carving door cabinet special price ¥ 3099.00;


2. Muya Mediterranean style boardwood combined with the inlet shoe cabinet ¥ 3480.00;

3. Disposal furniture Ming and Qing Dynasties Classical new Chinese -style medium -style villa club furnishings decorative cabinet tabletop table side cabinet ¥ 3320.00;

4. Jinyuan Heng Chinese Porch Cabinet/House Cabinet Solid Wood New Classical Porch Cabinet Decoration Cabinet Painted Shoes Cabinet Painted Cabinet Cabinet ¥ 12199.00;

5. Hanfill Korean -style white three -door shoe cabinet boutique Korean rural shoe cabinet ¥ 2429.00;


6. Hanfill’s white two -door porch shoe cabinet solid wood cabinet unique French shoe cabinet ¥ 2288.00;

7. Muju Times Hand -painted character art designer furniture model room villa club new classical European -style Western -style five -bucket cabinet ¥ 3380.00;

8. After the Muju era, modern minimalist Southeast Asian exotic paintings are painted three -dimensional wealth elephant ultra -thin shoe cabinets Xuanguan door hall side cabinet ¥ 3380.00;

9. Muya Mediterranean -style board and wood combined with shoe cabinet light walnut board -style shoe stool ¥ 2580.00;

10. In the Muju era, Southeast Asia’s neoclassical model room art creative ultra -thin shoe cabinet Xuanguan door hall partition decorative cabinet side cabinet ¥ 3200.00.

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Precautions for buying porch shoe cabinet

1. The color of the shoe cabinet: The color of the shoe cabinet should not choose big red as much as possible, which means “going out to see red”, which is not good for family members.

2. The size of the shoe cabinet: Do not be too high in the shoe cabinet. If the scope of the talent beyond the ground will violate talents, that is to say, the shoe cabinet can only go to one -third of the height of the house porch.

3. The number of layers of the shoe cabinet: In order to place more shoes, the shoe cabinet is mostly multi -layer design. Try to be five layers. The five layers just correspond to the five elements. There can be less than five layers, but not more than five layers. More than five layers are likely to violate “talents”. This is a taboo.

4. Shoe cabinet should be on the ground: The shoe cabinet should be on the ground. The shoes are originally down -to -earth, and the shoes are the foundation of people. If you say it in the air, there is a feeling of unsatisfactory. And this will easily lead to sprains and fall when the owner walks.

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5. Section of layer shoes: Five pairs of shoes on each layer of shoe cabinets to achieve the effect of five elements balance.

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The above is the knowledge of the price and purchase precautions introduced by Xiaobian today. The main thing is to introduce the price of the entrance porch shoe cabinet and purchase precautions. I hope these precautions can help you design it. The knowledge editor of the entrance of my family’s entrance to the entrance of the door is here.

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