Qu Yue: In the late summer, you deserve to have these close -up pajamas

The body is the temple of the soul,


Love your body,

You must first choose a close -fitting clothes that make you happy.

The most relaxed time

No more than returning home every day

Take off the formal high heels

Change your favorite pajamas

Remove dressing and fatigue

Lie in the gentle nest

[Rose] [Beer] [Kiss]

So it can be said

Pajamas is your first girlfriend

There is no doubt

From summer to autumn

There is me in the season


~~~~~~~~~ [Breeze] Suitable silk [Breeze] ~~~~~~~~~


In addition to sweet chocolate, “enjoying silk”,


There is also a rough silk pajamas that can be slippery.


Silk texture with low saturated Morandi color.

YU, mysterious,

The queen’s temperament is just right.


~~~~~~~~~ [Sun] Printing · whole cotton [Sun] ~~~~~~~~~

Every year, printing is worth starting,

After all, every year’s popular factors are always changing.


Playful cartoon printing with fresh cotton,

Give up the girl -like cute painting style to the fullest!

Get the fresh color of nature,

Even in a haze day, it can stretch because of its eyebrows,

Healing the boring or boring of the house.

Of course, with age,

Shirt -style pajamas are becoming more and more popular,

One is because of its patience and easy wearing,


Second, the small V -neck exposed by shirts,

It is also obvious and more attractive,

Women’s lightness and taste hidden.

Xiaqiu alternate,

The combination of short -sleeved and trousers’ pajamas began to be demanded by more people.

Keep the refreshing and coolness of summer,

At the same time, avoid excessive exposed leg blowing and air conditioning

The knee soreness,

They are the best CP in the autumn.

Comfort first

Yan value+1 high -level sense surprise +1

If both

Don’t hesitate,

It is a good choice to start season.

Author: ArticleManager