In the early summer, beautiful swimsuit, it is really too much! tease! Over

The temperature is getting higher and higher, and everyone feels the enthusiasm that can’t stop the summer ~ So in order to reduce the heat and fun, the swimsuit must be arranged. Taking advantage of the weekend or a small holiday, the water show is engaged. It is true that the sun is not poisonous. Swim in hot springs or beach, enjoy ~

Here I have selected a few shirts for everyone. Did Kangkang give you a look?


INS checkered suspender swimsuit

Don’t look at the short skirt and sexy. In fact, the swimsuit is designed with a bottom pants, and it will never go away. It is equipped with a fixed chest pad, which will not be shifted in the underwater activities. The sisters are boldly worn.

This version of the design is also very acceptable to wear the street alone

INS conjoined angle swimsuit


Flat -angle suspender -type conjoined body, super suitable for small sisters with small breasts, shoulder straps can be adjusted, the upper part of the skirt is also very well wrapped, and the embarrassment of falling off the clothes will not fall off after touching the water.


Fang Ling Skirt Swimsuit

This recipe leader design can cover up. Black is a dark color, a little fleshy girl, it will be particularly flavorful, cool and desperate.

Two -piece swimsuit with belly -covered stomach

Representatives of pure desire, taking pictures of peaches on earth, with chest pads, elastic design on the back, and knocking on the comfort. Then put on a tulle jacket, full of youthful vitality.

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