Jewelry Small knowledge -detailed introduction of sterling silver jewelry

Silver jewelry is a variety of decorations made of silver. Silver is one of the precious metals. Silver -white, silver jewelry uses various processing processes. There are many types of silver jewelry processed. , Foot ornaments 5 major categories. After the founding of the People’s Republic of China, especially since the reform and opening up, traditional silver jewelry has traveled nearly thousands of households, and it is still loved by many people.

Basic knowledge of silver

◆ Silver is one of the precious metals, symbol AG, and English is Silver. Silver is silver -white, relative density of 10.49, melting point (961 ° C), insoluble in alkali and most organic acids, easily dissolved in nitric acid and hot sulfuric acid. 925 silver was 92.5% silver added 7.5% copper and other alloys, which improved the hardness and gloss of the silver.

◆ The color of the silver is represented by a thousand points. Foot silver: It is not less than 990 ‰, the mark is foot silver or S990, silver 990.925 silver: silver containing no less than 925 ‰, the mark is S925 or silver 925. Difference: 925 Silver is the international standard of silver jewelry. Because of the increased hardness, it is mainly used to make more complicated fashion silver accessories, while foot silver is relatively soft, not suitable for inlay gems or fine styles. It is generally used to make traditional children’s locks. Children’s bracelets and old man bracelets.

◆ Tibetan Silver: It is a name, which is actually a alloy. Tibetan silver is the elegant name of white copper (copper nickel alloys). Traditionally, Tibetan silver has 30 % silver plus 70 % of copper.

◆ Miao Yin: Important jewelry and wedding supplies in the Miao area for a long time. But the Miao and silver now are not sterling silver. The other main ingredients are copper, and the silver content is not high. Its main characteristic is hand -made production, exquisite patterns and meaningful patterns.

◆ Taiyin: Concept is 925 sterling silver. (Thailand is a kind of old retro process. The silver content contains 92.5%, 99%, 99.9%, and less purity appears.) Essence It is also called “Black Silver”, which melts the mixture of silver and sulfur on the silver jewelry, and forms a coverage layer in the state of glass. Black silver covers layers of loose black, which is in sharp contrast to the smooth silver white white white silver, producing special visual effects. Due to the special old -fashioned treatment, Wuyin Jewelry has not only changed color for a long time, but the surface hardness has also been greatly enhanced. The unique texture and color make this jewelry rough and quaint.

Silver jewelry processing process


◆ 镂: This is an ancient technique of gold and silver processing commonly used at home and abroad. Mend the gold and silver hammer, and then use the effect of the embarrassment to remove the relief effect, or the rich decoration. Generally speaking, the larger the area, the richer the effect.

◆ Melting method: This technique is more common in Europe and is only used for silver production. The method is to use the physical characteristics of the silver uniform and fast heat conduction to blow the thin silver flakes to the time to be melted. The heat source is removed, and evenly a uniform wrinkle is generated on the silver tablet. The jewelry decoration made with this material is very effective, and it has a natural charm. Another melting drop -shaped ornament, making silver is far better than gold, which is very charm.

◆ Japanese wood grain metal: The main materials are also silver, the manufacturing technique is very interesting, and the artistic and decorative effects are strong. The method is to overlap the sterling silver and different content of copper and silver alloy, nickel silver alloy, copper, brass, red copper (sometimes a small amount of gold), etc., overlap welded layers, then rubbing, then flat, metal surface, metal surface surface The texture effects of different colors will appear.

◆ Silver inlaid technology: This is a alloy decoration technology for silver. This technique is widely used in the Middle East, Russia, and Thailand. Black silver jewelry is designed with a silver -carved silver, and then fills the pure black copper silver lead alloys in the pattern. It exposes the silver pattern through polishing. The black and white contrast is strong, revealing the twelve -point dignified.

Advantages of silver jewelry

A. The silver jewelry is rich in styles and moderate prices, which can keep up with popular fashion and easy to match with clothing.

B. Silver jewelry overcomes the two major disadvantages of other valuable jewelery high prices and the low value of artificial jewelry jewelry. New fashion trends.

Silver jewelry classification

Classified by purity

Basically divided into three silvers: 990, 999, and 925.

◆ Both 990 and 999 silver are sterling silver, but the former contains 99%of the latter contains 99.9%. Both silver colors are pale and soft. It is easy to deform for jewelry and cannot be inlaid.

◆ Here, I will introduce 925 silver -plated platinum. 925 sterling silver actually refers to the silver product containing 92.5%of the silver content. 925 represents the purity of the silver. This is the lowest standard of sterling silver. Because 990 foot silver 999 thousands of silver is too soft and easy to oxidize, since Tiffany’s pioneering 925 silver, 925 silver has been recognized as sterling silver internationally. Because of the addition of 7.5%of the alloy, silver has the ideal hardness, brightness and gloss, and antioxidant. It can also inlay various gems. Since then, the silver jewelry is colorful, unique in style, and exquisite craftsmanship. Quickly swept the world. Like now many accessories are fashionable jewelry made of 925 silver.

Category according to the variety

Basically divided into 5 major categories: earrings, neck decoration, hand ornaments, foot decoration and clothing

◆ Earrings include: earrings, earrings, earring, ear hanging.

◆ The items include: necklace, pendant, collar.


◆ Hand decoration includes: ring, bracelet, bracelet.

◆ Foot decoration includes: foot chain

◆ Clothing refers to the accessories on the clothing, including collar flowers, tie clips, chest ornaments, cufflinks.

Classified by processing

Basically, it is divided into three categories: Liangyin, original color silver (handmade silver), and Thai silver. Among them, it is divided into mosaic categories of inlaid gemstones and silver cash without inlay.

Liangyin: By electroplating or other plating materials on the surface of the silver jewelry, the silver has white gold -like luster and isolate silver and air. As long as the plating layer is not destroyed, the silver decoration can be oxidized for a longer time. Essence There are also dazzling colors such as golden yellow, rose golden color.

Original color silver: Silver itself does not go through any processing processing, and through the semi -handmade or full handmade process, make the silver jewelry have a simple and natural style.

Thai silver: retro -style silver jewelry, through artificial vulcanization to make silver decorations oxidize and old. This type of silver jewelry is more personalized and highlights the style of silver jewelry. There are also casual personality, loved by many fashion people. Because of such craftsmanship in Southeast Asian countries, it is commonly known as Thailand.

Classified by inlaid gemstones

Mainly classified according to the different inlaid gems. Generally, the inlaid gemstones are mainly: vermiculite, garnet, agatestone, crystal stone, macsai stone, turquoise, amber, shell, meteorite, etc. Among them, the vermiculite most imitates the appearance of diamonds.

Silver jewelry

Everyone has their own style of choosing jewelry, and how much experience do you have in the face of the most popular silver jewelry now?

First of all, we must match your temperament. In the choice of silver jewelry, we adhere to humanism. I believe that each silver jewelry has its own owner. Girls can choose a simple and exaggerated silver jewelry or inlaid crystal silver jewelry; you with a strong ladylike, have a warm temperament than narcissus, let the long crystal necklace and the beautiful and exquisite pendant put your jade neck; and your jade neck; and your jade neck; and your jade neck; and your jade neck; and your jade neck; and your jade neck; and your jade neck; and your jade neck; and your jade neck; and your jade neck; and your jade neck; and your jade neck; and your jade neck; and your jade neck; and your jade neck; and your jade neck; and your jade neck; and your jade neck; and your jade neck; and your jade neck; and your jade neck; and your jade neck; and your jade neck; and your jade neck; and your jade neck; and your jade neck; and your jade neck is installed; and your jade neck is installed. It is the first choice for your noble temperament retro Thai silver inlaid red agate series.

Secondly, it is necessary to match your appearance. People with long faces are not suitable for long earrings. People with round faces should not use large earrings to highlight the round cheeks. It’s just a disaster. If you have a pair of black and white, autumn water -like eyes, then choosing silver jewelry inlaid with gemstones will create a charming effect of a star.

Professional clothes are suitable for simple silver jewelry with simple styles and small shapes; casual clothes are suitable for unique design and exaggerated personalized silver jewelry; while Kawaii dressing a cute style of silver jewelry is not suitable.

Note: Silver jewelry should not be worn with gold jewelry, because its temperament style is different, just like a suit dress is not suitable to wear denim clothes.

Some styles of silver ornaments do not have to be cleaned to continue to wear. The nostalgic taste is also very good, just like the patch on jeans.

Silver jewelry is a fashionable jewelry. Pay attention to changing the style of wearing frequently. Do not wear the silver jewelry that is too obvious to the popular element to outdated.

Silver jewelry does not talk about price at weight. The raw materials of silver are very cheap. Her value is completely reflected in style design and process. Therefore, the only criterion for choosing silver jewelry is your love and dislike.

Effects of silver jewelry

Silver ions have a strong bactericidal effect and are good for the human body. It is not only economic value, beautiful and generous, but also can do poisoning tools. The ancients said that with silver and rich and rich, it would be accompanied by silver and wealth. This is not only because of its valuable metal. It is medical, which is higher than that of gold in human health. The use of silver can detect whether food is toxic, because silver can cause chemical reactions with many toxins, making silver black and easy to identify the naked eye. Before, the ancients knew that silver could accelerate trauma healing, prevent infection, and purify water quality and anticorrosive freshness. It can prevent bacteria from growing, setting the five internal organs, constant mind, stopping panic, and removing evil spirits. Silver has excellent antibiotics and sterilization effects. Generally, the average antibiotics can only work on 6 germs, but silver can eliminate 650 germs.

Precautions for silver jewelry

1. Do not wear other precious metal jewelry at the same time when wearing silver jewelry to avoid collision deformation or abrasion.

2. Prevent the discoloration and deterioration caused by long -term contact with sulfur and its compounds.


3. Avoid contact with water vapor and chemical products, don’t wear swimming, especially to the sea.

4. When bathing and laundering, you should remove the silver jewelry to prevent jewelry from encounter alkaline products.

5. When exercising and drying, you should avoid wearing jewelry as much as possible, otherwise it is easy to cause jewelry impact deformation or broken loss.


6. Avoid putting with glue, perfume, and skin care products, because this will cause the gloss to weaken.

7. After each wear, you can use cotton or noodle paper to gently wipe the surface, remove moisture and dirt, and then collect it in a sealed bag to avoid contact with the air.

8. Because some silver jewelry and some glitter and flaspy powder are mixed, you should also pay attention to the cleaning after each use. It is not enough to clean the glitter or glitter on the body, because these products are mostly used for waterproof and sweat -proof materials. Therefore, if you want to completely clean the traces of flashes and flashes, you must choose the correct method. It is simple to remove the flash powder on the body when removing the flash powder. Just apply the cleansing milk to the part with the flashes, and gently circulate, and then gently wipe the cleansing milk with a paper towel.

9. Apply a layer of skin care on the skin when removing the crystal flashes. You can remove the crystal stones with an eyebrow pliers instead of stinging the skin. After cleaning, apply skin care to make the skin moisturize. Crystal glitter should not be used repeatedly, and those mixed silver jewelry should be used to remove the surface of the surface with efficient silver cloth. Only the traces of the silver jewelry surface can be used to use it again.

10. Keep the silver jewelry dry, don’t wear swimming, don’t approach hot springs and seawater. After each wear, you can use cotton or noodle paper to gently wipe the surface, remove water and dirt, and then collect it in a sealed bag to avoid contact with air.

11. The best maintenance method of silver jewelry is to wear every day, because human oil can make a natural and warm luster.

12. It contains exquisite and three -dimensional silver ornaments to avoid deliberately wiking light.

Maintenance method of silver jewelry

1. If the silver jewelry is found to have a signs of yellowing, you should first clean the fine seam of the silver jewelry with a small jewelry, and then use the silver cloth to gently wipe the surface to allow the silver jewelry to restore the original silver white and light. It is recommended here: If you can use the silver cloth to recover about 80 % of the silver white conditions, you do not need to use silver milk and silver water washing water, because these products are corrosive. After using these products, silver jewelry will become more and more. Easy to get yellow. Silver cloth contains silver maintenance ingredients and cannot be washed.

2. If the silver jewelry is not handled and collected after wearing it, it is very likely that the silver jewelry will become black. At this time, the fine slit of the jewelry brush should be used, and then the silver milk droplets should be used on the noodle paper. The black oxides on the silver surface are wiped off, and the original light of the silver cloth recovers the original light. After that, you must remember to do a good job of daily maintenance, avoid the silver jewelry again, and the silver jewelry is difficult to wipe white after many times.

3. The outer layer is not soaked in silver water washing water when the outer plating is cleaned by electroplating. It only needs to be washed with water.

4. Avoid wearing this product in hot springs and seawater areas to prevent changes in products from contacting sulfides. If you accidentally touch, wash with a lot of water.

5. If there are friction scratches on the surface of the product, it is easy to accelerate silver oxidation. Therefore, when the product surface oxidation is light brown, or chloride (such as swimming pool water) corrosion, please deal with it in time.

6. When the silver jewelry is not worn, please be sealed and save to avoid weakening the surface light.

7. Wipe of frequent sex can also reduce the lightness of this product.

8. When engaged in laundry, dishes and cooking, take the ring to avoid chemicals or oil stains affecting its brightness.


9. When engaged in severe exercise or moving heavy objects, try to avoid wearing this jewelry to avoid the occurrence of cracks caused by friction and collision, and gemstone falling. Wearing this jewelry after dressing up.

10. If the newly bought silver jewelry is brighter and avoids discoloration, you can apply a thin layer of transparent nail polish on the surface. After that, apply it again every ten days. If you want to remove nail polish, you can soak it with banana water, and then wash it with water.

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