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The application chain board of crumb chain boards is mainly used in the cooling delivery of glass products and castings, or the materials of the iron chips are processed by the machine. Large load capacity, durability and other characteristics.

Brief introduction


There are stainless steel, engineering plastics, carbon steel and other materials, and there are many specifications. It can be selected according to the requirements of transporting materials and process, which can meet different needs of all walks of life.


It is widely used in food, canned food, medicine, beverages, cosmetics, motorcycle assembly assembly, animal slaughter production lines, washing products, paper products, condiments, dairy, and tobacco.


There are mainly the following types of chain boards: crumbs chain board, metal chain board, conveying chain board, cleaning chain board, beer chain board, crumb chain board, punching chain board, stainless steel chain board, carbon steel chain chain Board, transmission chain board, engineering plastic chain board, keel chain board, etc.

The main features of the chain board: the surface is stable and not easily disturbed by other materials. It can load materials with large weights and durable. According to the specific situation, you can design and produce the appropriate specifications of chain boards. The commonly used chain board specifications 31.75,38.1,50.8, compared to other transmission belts, cost costs are higher.

Common faults and maintenance

In the process of chain board transportation, unstable and biased phenomenon often occurs:


The maintenance method is as follows:

First of all, the tight axis of the chain board, loosening and moderate, avoid unnecessary damage to the edges.


Secondly, check whether there is corrosion in the chain board conveyor to perform necessary replacement.

Finally, check whether the two ends of the chain drive shaft are synchronized and whether the teeth end is too abrasion.


First of all, when using a chain board, you should avoid direct contact with the heating source. You should gather at least one meter, and when used in open -air, weather factors such as direct sunlight should be avoided. And the conveying speed should be less than 2.5m/s. During the use process, the tension of the chain board should not be too large, and the minimum tension should be maintained as much as possible on the premise of ensuring that the chain board is matched with the gear and non -curved. And it is necessary to ensure a chain board with the same model and the same material in a machine.

When the chain is moving, the aircraft of the transmission should be ensured. Because the acceleration required when turning on is quite large, if there is material on the chain, the problem of the gear sliding motor may occur on the chain board. Try to ensure that the material on the chain is empty when stopping. When the multi -level chain board is running, the entry order should be opened at the last level, and then move forward in order. The order of stop is opposite.

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