Queen Spain is really temperament! The blue shirt is full of black suits, and the long legs are too eye -catching!

Speaking of Queen Spain, Lottzia, must be familiar with the little friends who pay attention to the European royal family. Queen Lotizia was called “the most beautiful queen” by netizens, not only high value, but also good clothes.

Queen Lotizia is also a member of the royal family who has received much attention. She is a divorced civilian princess. She was once a journalist. She was elegant and capable.


Queen Lotizia is not only beautiful, but also very kind. Since she has been married to the Spanish royal family, she has been paying attention to many charity. Recently, Queen Spain Latizia participated in the International Internet Security Day in Madrid. It changed the elegant lady style of the past. Wearing a blue shirt with a black suit suit, capable and handsome, very handsome!


The Queen of Spain was only about one meter and six, but through the clever dressing and matching, there was a sense of vision of one meter long with a leg length, so let’s look at it!


Many friends will choose to match a white shirt when wearing a suit, but Queen Latizia chose a relatively casual and natural blue bottoming shirt, paired with a slim black suit suit, and stepped on the basic black high heels. The strong woman who used to be a journalist was restored.


In recent photos, Queen Lotizia was in good condition. The whole person was glory and full of energy. The iconic eyebrows with earthy eye makeup, as always, the gentle and intellectual style nude lipstick, the skin condition is also very good.

Queen Lotizia can show a sense of vision of one meter eight about 1.6 meters of height, mainly depending on the clever dressing, slim long suit pants look thin and straight, and the long and feet are slightly covered by the feet slightly covering the feet slightly. High -heeled shoes, maximize the visual stretch of legs, blue shirts and suit tops to pull high waistlines. This is the secret of one meter long.

After watching such an intellectual and capable Queen Lei’s Queen, let’s take a look at other styles of Queen Lei’s Queen!


Queen Lotizia was wearing a black bottoming shirt with a brown suede skirt, a black high -heeled knee -knee boot, and a golden crocodile leather handbag. Does this look very fashionable?

Queen Lotizia wore a gray checkered suit suit. Compared with the above wearing, this suit looks more fashionable. A white silk coat adds femininity and has a small sexy beauty. Step on red high heels, with the same color suede handbags, fashionable and capable!

Queen Lotizia wore a red conjoined suit with an avant -garde -style leopard pattern coat, which looked very atmospheric and wild.


Queen Lotizia is most commonly worn in this kind of elegant ladylike style. The embroidered silk dress is matched with a very girly pink long coat, and the legs are stepping on rice white high heels, which is really charming!

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