The wool hook needle woven the grandmother’s grid stitching shoulder bag, handmade bag DIY production tutorial

The lady living next door asked me to knit her a bag bag for her. Considering (color & capacity) and practicality, we will learn this shoulder bag stitching with a grandmother (pattern) in this issue. (Needle) rich (color matching) can be woven to weave a special (weaving) work.

Hook weaving material: 2.5mm wool & 3.0mm hook needle


Start with needle: (right hand) hold the line on the (left index finger) around (left hand index), and the hook needle passes through the (coil) to hook the line ~


Grandmother Unit Flower (Text) Needle Method

Circle 1: First set 2 lock needles (standing), then hook a long needle to form a long needle and pins, and then set up two lock needles (as interval). In the ring coil, weave 8 groups of heads are parallel.

Note: 2 lock needles between each group (interval)


After tightening the thread head, pick the first needle and knit a pitch to connect.


Pull the large coil (cut) wire header


Change (wiring) and wiring on the (locked needle) needle.

The second lap: Camel woven (plus needle) with reference (first lap) needle method, in order (the same needle) position hook 2 groups.

Note: Wrap the edge of the line head hook in the needle

In contrast to this group (needle method) and hook weaving (laws), the corresponding (locking needle) needle hooks 8 sets of needle.


After the (2 lap) hook the woven, perform (disconnect)

Continue to (wiring) color changes on (wiring) color changes on (wiring)

Circle 3: Adjust (needle number) changes

Similarly, set 2 lock needles (standing) and then hook 2 unfinished long needles at the (same needle) position. The (coil) on the one -time hook needle is composed of 3 long pins. Then, continue to set up 2 2 A lock needle (as interval)


Next, the reference (needle method) corresponds to CH needle -headed woven in turn.


After the cycle corresponds to 16 groups, then (disconnect)


Circle 4: Continue (wiring) color change


The hook (needle method) of the fourth circle (needle) is the same as the hook needle method in the previous lap, but it has been changed on the hook (rules). The (needle) group (needle) does not add calculations.

Next, according to the hook weaving (rules), weave 3 groups (3 long and pins) (lock 2 needle) as the interval in accordance with the crocodile (regular). , Reference (3 plus 1) hooking rules, corresponding to the pins and weaving in turn, a total of 4 groups of weaving.

After the fourth ring hook is completed, (wiring) color changes at the CH needle position of the corner.


R5 (needle method): convert (3 long and pins) into 3 long needles to be woven, and 3 lock needles (standing) are equivalent to 1 long needle, and then continue to hook 2 completes in turn. After the long needle, after the three long needle hooks are completed, the reference (needle method) will be referenced (needle method) to correspond to the corresponding hook weaving 3 long needles in turn, and always hooks to the CH needle position of the previous circle of needle.

Note: There is no need to hook (lock needle) interval.

Corresponding to the CH needle position of the four corners, weave 3 long fan V flowers.


3 long fan -shaped V flowers: first hook 3 long needles (lock 2 stitches) as the interval, and then hook 3 long needles in the same needle.

With reference to this group of weaving (needle method) and (laws), we correspond to the four edges of the four edges in turn.

Note: The position of the four corners is hooking 3 long fan V flowers. After the corresponding needle hook is completed in turn, the (disconnect)

Circle 6: Continue to perform (wiring) on ​​the CH needle of the corner (the needle method) is the same as the previous lap (needle method).


Establishing 3 lock needles (standing) is equivalent to 1 long needle, and then hooks 2 long needles in the CH needle position.

Next, compare the (long needle) needles in the upper circle in turn, and hook the long needle down in turn (wrap the thread head), which will always correspond to the CH needle position of the hook to the corner.

Refer to the CH needle position of the CH needle of the four corners, respectively.

The reference (needle method) and (hook) laws are completed in turn to be woven by the needle (6 lap).

One piece (unit flower piece) is woven ~

Reference (quantity) 13 pieces

Next, do it (stitching)


Unit flower tablets (stitching) needle method: First, the unit flower piece (front) is opposed, and then the hook needle picks the outer half needle of CH for (wiring) to stand a lock needle (standing) to pick the needle hook weaving short needle.

Note: The wrapping line is hook together.

Hook weaving rules: In turn, the corresponding acupuncture “external half needle” is distributed (stitching) unit flowers (stitching) distribution in order.

Please follow the (stitching) distribution diagram by yourself, and refer to the stitching (needle method) to complete the 13 -section of flowers (stitching) in order.


After the unit flower tablets are stitched by (distributed map), the unit flower slices of the (center) are folded.


Then fold the element of the (left and right sides) into a triangle, and continue to stitch the (back) needle method from the (back).

Note: Don’t stitch (Baokou) together.

This grandmother’s square bag (main body) is completed ~


Next, hook the hand -weaving hand (backpack belt)


For the viewing effect of the video, use (yellow line) as a tutorial demonstration

Band (needle method): Hook needles are wiring on the (CH) needle (1 lock needle) on the (CH) needle (1 lock needle) and then picked the needle hook weaving 3 short needles in turn.

After the three short -needle hooks are completed, the direction of (tune) is performed (chip hook), directly, the first needle, and then the corresponding (second needle) in turn Short needle.

The focus is on the hook (the third short needle) to pick a line on the outside of the side and the “outer half needle” at the root to hook a short needle.

Note: When the first short needle is hooked here, it does not need to be required (standing acupuncture)

Refer to the hook weaving (needle method), continue (turnover) direction, empty (the first needle) does not hook the woven

Bringing (needle method): Corresponding to (second needle) in turn, weave two short needles first, (the third short needle) We also pick the two lines that are protruding from the side, to hook a short needle.


Refer to this group (hook weaving method) to continue to go round -trip (chip hook) in turn (chip hook)


The (backpack belt) of the (backpack band) of the stitches is relatively tight in this method, and the edges on both sides are relatively flat.


Finally, the corresponding (Baokou) needle is connected with three short needles.


After the band is completed, continue to cover a long needle along the outer side of the (Baokou).

(Key point) Note: When the hook is woven to the V -shaped corner position, a hook weave 1 3 long and combined needle is used to connect (transition).


Then, continue to weave long needles in order


In addition, when the stitches of the (bag) needle, the comparison of the flat needle position with the (bag), and the hook weaving three pins to perform (transition).


Finally, after the long needle is woven along the needle hook, another long needle is hooked at the position of the needle (standing needle), and (the second long needle) needle is woven to the pins Connect.

Then (lock a needle) pull the large coil (cut) wire header

Finally hide the line head to the needle

This literary grandmother’s packet handbar is made.

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