Clothing match First -class chain cross -body bag, coexisting beauty and taste

With the rise of summer temperatures, the dress of the little fairy gradually became lighter. In order to balance the overall shape, it was essential to add various accessories.


Bags possess a pivotal position in accessories, well -matched, can be upgraded to the overall shape, and instantly become a different focus in the crowd.

Among them, the most common and classic fashion style is not a chain messenger bag. Its metal chain is a fashion degree. Fashionista demonstrations are often seen in street shooting.

Black envelope bag

The envelope bag is flat, with clear lines, and the matching metal chain is rounded and rounded. It is not easy to wear. The way of crossbody can liberate your hands and easily leave the street.


White leather bag

The white cowhide bag is elegant and elegant. The reversing cover design is convenient for opening and closing, but also the brand logo. Although the body is small, it can be equipped with most of the necessary products, which is very practical.


Silver shield bag


The shield bag is positive, with metal texture, with its own gloss, and a velvet hip skirt, which highlights the fashion than elegance.

>>>> Chain Crossbody Bag+White Shirt

White shirts with Bermuda shorts are mixed with cool leisure and elegance. With a black envelope bag, it creates a rigid temperament and reflects different feminine charm.


>>>> Chain Crossbody Bag+T -shirt

Choose a loose T -shirt, put on a comfortable and unrestrained body. Coupled with Jiudu high waist Naples pants, cross -body silver chain shield bag, showing the details of the details everywhere.

>>>> Chain Crossbody Bag+Software top

The soft material top of the lantern sleeve has a full sense of court style. The expansion design at the arm has played a effect of covering up and worshiping meat.

Putting on a pair of high -waisted split jeans, clean tailoring and micro -trousers to perfectly modify the leg curve; hold a retro envelope bag with a retro atmosphere, full of style.

>>>> Chain Crossbody Bag+Leopard Dress


Leopard -top dress is wild, paired with white leather bag, and a slender strap is a subtraction for your shape. It is a little more vulgar and more agile. It is a secret weapon to create summer style.

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