Women wear skirts, do not wear sports shoes, wearing these 3 pairs of shoes this year, elegant temperament

For most people, in daily wear, I prefer to choose sports shoes to match clothes. After all, sports shoes have extremely comfortable foot feel and practicality, and they will not be tired for a day of shopping. It is difficult to match with other styles of clothing, such as skirts.

Skirts are usually based on an elegant style, and they will look incompatible with casual and lively sports shoes. If forcibly matching, it is inevitable that it is very disagreeable and it is easy to cause style confusion. Therefore, when you want to wear skirts, you want to better highlight your temperament.

You can try these shoes, which will make the shape more fashionable and elegant.

1. Suitable for 3 shoes with skirts

1. High -heeled shoes

Needless to say, high -heeled shoes are born with skirts is an excellent combination. Whether it is concave shape or improvement of temperament is the best choice. It is especially suitable for mature women.

Wearing high heels can not only increase and thin, but also show femininity.

If you want to control high heels more easily, then it is recommended to

Height selection 3-5cm

Then, it won’t be so tired to wear, and it is more suitable for novice who haven’t worn high heels.


Different styles of high heels can also reflect different temperament

For example, pointed high -heeled shoes are more capable and stable, lace -up high heels are more fashionable, and square high heels are more elegant and charming. Therefore, when wearing skirts, the first choice of high heels is not easy to make mistakes.

2. Sutlina

The cool skirt and breathable and refreshing sandals are also a common combination.

The sandals have a larger skin area, and the breathability is better.

In the spring and summer, it has also become the first choice for most people. Because of the less materials for sandals, they can easily create a sense of lightness. They will not look light head and feet, and have a certain skinny effect.

There are also a lot of sandals. Pursuing personality fashion can choose strap sandals. The straps in a circle are wrapped around the calf.

Very suitable for lazy people, lazy and casual.


3. Love shoes


To say that the style of high heels is biased towards temperament, so

Lefu Shoes is a representative of elegant and intellectual, and the shape is relatively simple and durable

Many fashion bloggers will choose Lefu shoes to be concave, which is extremely practical. For the small man, you can also choose a thick heel style, which is high and more calm and generous.

Suggestion choice

Black or beige


These Lefu shoes, these are very basic styles, versatile and practical, no matter whether they are matched with any color skirts.

Second, the selection skills of shoes

1. Light shape is not thick and heavy

After all, in spring and summer, wearing a skirt is to get a refreshing and comfortable experience, and if you choose a pair of thick -soled shoes, it will increase the weight of the feet and look light head and feet.

It is even less friendly to the little man, and it is easy to press height and short.

On the contrary, choosing lightweight shoes and sandals will be more suitable, and you can obtain a comfortable and cool experience visually, let alone the experience of wearing. If you want to wear beauty, you can from


The color of the shoes and design articles in design

, Can greatly enrich the fashion.

2. Proper exposure is even thinner

There may be many people wearing boots that are nostalgic in winter. They also want to wear skirts in spring and summer, but this will be wrapped in the feet too tightly, it is easy to sullen, and it will also increase the weight of the feet. For girls with thick legs,

Proper exposure can easily play a thin role.


The ankle is the most slender part of the leg

Try not to cover this part when wearing shoes. Exposing can play a good and thin role visually. Whether it is flat shoes or high heels, it can optimize the proportion of the figure.

Third, practical matching method

1. Wearing the same color system, a must -have for lazy people

The color of the shoes and skirts are very tested. In order to avoid errors, most people will choose white or black shoes. Although versatile, it is relatively bland, and fashion bloggers will choose to wear the same color system. take,


Mainly light -colored basic color, very fresh and dazzling


It is in line with the atmosphere of spring and summer.

2. Increase rich accessories

If you feel that the selected shoes are relatively simple and monotonous, then you can choose some styles with accessories.

Such as bow, metal buckle, pearl

Wait, you can make simple shoes no longer boring, and small -area decorations will not look too fancy. With skirts, you can better enhance the sense of fashion of the overall shape.


Well, the selection and matching methods of shoes are introduced here. In spring and summer, wearing skirts are not matched with heavy sneakers. Choose lightweight high -heeled shoes, sandals and loafers to look good. It is more likely to highlight the temperament and femininity Essence

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