Song Qian Chao brand with ladylike cloth

Song Qian was famous in the entertainment industry. In the early years, she developed in South Korea, but after returning to China, she was also helped by many domestic people. Time, her interaction with Li Jiaqi is really cute. In Li Jiaqi’s live broadcast room, she shows her most authentic side. Her usual clothes are also very good. It can be displayed more delicate without the matching of stylists. The jewelry of the tide brand is very small and fresh. The fresh saddle bag is simply a simple and versatile match.

1. Wide brand jewelry with ladylike clothing


The jewelry of the tide brand with ladylike clothing is almost appropriate. We look at her set of clothing is a more business -like, small fresh style also has a certain intellectual taste. Many office workers can choose such a set of sets of sets Dressed, but have you seen this style with neutral jewelry?


The jewelry of the tide brand has been loved by the young people now, especially this jewelry. There are some cute patterns on it that look more delicate, and it is in line with her character. The shape and her clothing are more appropriate. The stitching pants look more modern and retro. The exquisite saddle bags are very charming with the whole set of clothing. There are many pearls on it, and some daisy patterns. It is also some popular elements at the moment. No wonder everyone will choose it.

Second, the supporting jewelry is more atmospheric

If it is attending the event, then wearing supporting jewelry will look more appropriate. The reason is that the supporting models do not need to match it with the hard work, and it can also see the effect. More importantly, it can be equipped with clothing with clothing Overall coordination to achieve visual unity.


We look at her jewelry is a style similar to geometric collage. A variety of patterns are repeatedly combined. It has a sense of design and looks more delicate. It is also a small detail of the designer. The same type is the same. The edge of her clothing also has some sequins, which is shining with a different kind of luster. This clothing is a classic style of Chanel, showing different charm on her. First of all, this jewelry is a white metal texture, which will look more chic.

Third, ear chain modification face shape is simple and stylish

We all know that the ear chain is a more modified face shape. Many female stars will choose jewelry such as ear chain, because the matching will appear more versatile and it will look simpler. It will be more appropriate and appropriate in any occasion.


The exquisite small bag with her clothing and the whole shape will be very suitable. In summer, Martin boots are also a matching artifact, but this Martin boots is more suitable for autumn. The pants of the hole and her clothing look more casual. If we look at her earrings, there are some small flowers on it. With the chain, it is more youthful. The entire earrings are not special. However, it can be more unique and delicate, and the chain also exudes different colors, which looks very distinctive.

Fourth, simple ear ring is wild and looks


The minimalist ear ring is not only versatile, but also very durable. We look at her two ear circles in the same shape, but there are differences in details. If you want some simple styles, you can Choose the first ear ring, because there is not too much modification above, it is a simple style, which will look more versatile. If the second ear ring, there will be some diamonds and some logo logos above. consciousness.


Her big silver chain is also more modern and retro, and at the same time, she has a tide taste. Song Qian’s clothing is still very good. Her set of wear has a feeling of Holmes. The long leg socks are relatively thin. It is also a must -have artifact in summer. It looks appropriate with suit pants. The hat is also a concave -shaped artifact in summer.

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