The more expensive as the insiders picking the board, the better, the more important to learn to maintain. This article allows you to understand

Today, I mainly share with you how to change the old cutting board in seconds, and how should we maintain the new cutting boards to maintain mold and cracking? How should I choose a cutting board in daily home use? Those cutting boards must not be bought, today this article will give you the answer.


Let’s take a look at the result of the result. Is this one changed after the maintenance? Is it not detailed enough?


It’s okay, let’s take a look at the details of the old cutting board. Let’s take a look at the details of the cutting board after the maintenance. The focus is on the maintenance of the old cutting board after maintenance. Will not crack.


What should we pay attention to when buying a cutting board? Which cutting board must not be bought? Then the key to the is not good, first of all, we must first learn how to choose the cutting board. The raw orpi pot or opening the pot is the same principle. Knowing how to maintain it, the better it is.

1. Which cutting boards are not recommended to buy?

1. Let’s worry about it first. When you choose the cutting board, which cutting boards must not be bought. The first one is not recommended to buy this kind of resin cutting board. I will not discuss the material. Just the scratches and pigmentation you see now are not only possible to bury bacteria, but no matter how you clean it up, you will not clean it up. Essence This kind of cutting board is usually promoted as antibacterial, scratch -resistant, etc. In fact, you know.

2. The second one who does not recommend everyone to buy is bamboo cutting boards. Generally, the price of this cutting board is very low, and it is the most used by everyone.


Sometimes how do you say it, and it is very tangled. Bamboo cutting boards are really easy to use, but this kind of cutting board stitched with glue is not so fragrant. Is it harmful to the human body? I often know that it is not resistant to water, bubbles, and easy to crack and mold.

If you have to use bamboo as a cutting board, you must buy this kind of whole bamboo cutting board. Although the whole bamboo cutting board is more expensive, it is not only worrying about it, but also more secure than the plastic coil.

Second, home cutlets recommend Acacia, black sandalwood

These two pieces are today’s protagonists, one is black sandalwood, and the other is acacia. One thing I want to remind everyone here, whether it is an old cutting board or a new cutting board, today’s method is to use this kind of cutting board. I recommend recommending it. I recommend it. Everyone chooses acacia. This kind of cutting board is generally not easy to break, and basically it is rarely moldy.

You do n’t know. Acacia wood, also known as brown phase acacia, belongs to a mimetic subject. Like this piece, it is made by hand -stitching. Although it is stitched, the glue it uses is environmentally friendly type. Non -toxic and harmless glue. When buying, the authentic acacia wood basically has no taste. If the taste you buy is very heavy, it must be false.

How to maintain new and old cutting boards?

1. What should I do if there are more scratches or molds on the old cutting board? If the mold is relatively powerful, you must wipe it with alcohol, then place it for 30 minutes, then rinse with hot water, and then use the wire ball to clean it back and forth.


When using the cutting board, there is no separation of raw and cooked. The cutting board is dirty. You must drop some detergent to clean it. Some people always say that you cannot use detergent. More terrible than detergent. After the cutting board is cleaned, place it in a cool and ventilated place, ventilate for three or four hours, and completely dry it.


2. As long as it is a wooden cutting board, the operating mode is exactly the same as the maintenance of the old cutting board. A lot of cutting boards will be painted with a layer of wax when they leave the factory, so be sure to use boiling water, and then wipe it with a paper towel or rag. Just clean. Because of the density of acacia wood, basically he does not eat water, so you do n’t need to drain it. Wipe it with a rag to operate the next step.

3. Then this step is very, very important. The firepower of the gas stove must be large and open, pour into the amount of oil of about a small bowl of about a small bowl. This oil must be burned very, very hot, about 4-5 minutes. Essence It is normal for oil to continue to smoke in the middle of the way, but you must protect yourself and avoid burns during operation.

4. Then this step is splashed with oil. The more oil is eaten, the more difficult it will be moldy in the future, and it is not easy to break. In fact Let the cutting board absorb quickly and form an internal and external oily membrane. Then when operating oil splashing, remember to get it new oil every side. The operation mode of the cutting board is also the same. As long as it is solid wood, it can be used in this approach.

5. After the new and old cutting boards are splashed, they wrap them with plastic wrap. When operating, remember to wrap it a few more layers. After the package is wrapped, press it out of its air. After the operation is completed, it can be placed in a cool and ventilated place. It can be used in about a day.


After a day of placement, how should the cutting board be? Let’s take a look at this step. You have a misunderstanding,


Note: After the maintenance of the cutting board

Do not use detergent to clean the cutting board. After the absorption of the day and one night of oil, it will form a faint protective film, so we rinse it with boiling water and wipe it with a rag.


It is best not to clean it with detergent three times before. After three times, you want to use detergent casual use. After the oil is diluted by it, the surface will form a protective film.

Many fans always ask me, why is your cutting board and iron pot always so new? What I want to say is that everything must be learned and maintained properly. The more use, the better.

How long is maintenance

: Under normal circumstances, how long does it take to maintain the board? It depends on the usage of your specific cutting boards. Here I suggest that you usually maintain it every month or so. If you have doubts about the new cutting board in the second, I suggest you try it right away.

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