How much is a pound of red dates? How to distinguish between true and false?

If the red dates are a kind of red dates in Xinjiang, they are very famous across the country. Therefore, the Ruowu Red Jujube Festival will be held every year. So,

若羌红枣多少钱一斤 若羌红枣怎样辨别真假

How much is a pound of red dates?

? How much is a pound of red dates in 2017?

The gray dates in different places are basically called Ruoqiang red dates. I do n’t know if it is a fake, so the price is different. There are all, different quality and level prices are very different. Generally, it is good to eat about 50 one kilogram by themselves, and the cheap bad jujube is not full.

According to my experience, the Xinjiang red dates often seen on the market are roughly divided into two types: one is Junjube and the other is a gray dates; and these two red dates are divided into big, middle, and primary three. Different levels of jujube must be different in prices.

Affect the price factor of Ruojiu

This contains many factors, first, the quality (color, meat quality) of the sapted red dates second, the place of production, if the red jujube is the third of the geographical logo product, the level of the red dates, the diameter of the single fruit, the different heads, the price is still different, the price is still different, Essence

Features of Xinjiang Ruoqiang red dates

1. Nuclear small meat is thick and uniform

Ruoqiang red dates are different from other types of jujube. The Hetian jujube is large, but the concentration is the essence, which is equal to the size of one yuan coins. The skin is thin and small, and the nuclear is small enough to ignore the amount of the meat. Pluck the taste buds of the tongue. (More Ruoqian red dates can be added with v: vankelianjia11)

2. Full particles and good elasticity

High -quality Ruoqiang red dates are selected, full of grains, flesh and flesh, fascinating, pulp porcelain, gently press it with your hands, and the jujube can be automatically bounced back after a few seconds, indicating that the quality of red dates is good; , Press it should not play back.

3. The color is bright, the epidermis is less folds

If the red dates are dark red, less folds, and bright in color, the red dates are opened by hand, the flesh is pale yellow, the fruit is fine, the color of the red dates with poor quality is uneven, and the epidermis folds are much.

4. Sweet and mellow, the entrance is melted

If the red dates are full of jujube, chewy and not sticky teeth, sweet and good taste, dry eating, porridge soup is an excellent choice, poor quality red dates, the flesh is hard, sweet and sour, different, sweet and sour. The entrance has impurities.

若羌红枣多少钱一斤 若羌红枣怎样辨别真假

How to distinguish the authenticity of the red dates in Xinjiang

Xinjiang Ruoqiang’s red dates genuine packaging bags are printed with related signs. Buyers can identify authenticity by packaging. There are also some brand packaging with QS production licenses and green safe foods. The editor reminds consumers to use the above suggestions Buy Ruoqian red dates.

How much is a pound of red dates?

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