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Last time I compiled a large piece of shopping for shopping, let’s take a look at the small pieces today. There are too many fragmentation, and the statistics are definitely incomplete, but fortunately, these small pieces can be used as usual. Let me talk about the necessary items first, starting from the hospitalized baby to start the items that novice parents need to prepare. (for reference only)

Essential items:

• To produce bags


Wait for the birth of a big search for a large searches, which are all necessities of your hospitalization baby. This must be prepared.

• Mummy bag

Some of them will be given a mummy bag, which happens to be two. Mummy I recommend that I recommend bite. I bought me crossing. It is really inconvenient to go out to bring children. To have the insulation layer, the most important thing is the large capacity. When you go out with your baby, you will find that you can’t wait to move the whole home!

• breastfeeding bras/mammals/breastfeeding towels

Mammal breasts and breastfeeding clothes are convenient for Bao Ma to feed. Breastfeeding towels, you know, blocking your embarrassment of breastfeeding in public.

• Cotton sleeve

Both my baby and I love sweating. In the summer, I can grow my baby with my baby to feed my milk. It is recommended to use Khan Bao Ma. Be sure to buy pure cotton.



Mother -to -produce Baoma supplement energy for energy. Prepare more, even if you are planning to have a cesarean section, you will give it to the ladies and sisters of the nurse station. You still have the care of Miss Lai in the hospital in the next few days. Your baby is also a nurse in the hospital every day. We washed it.

• Bottle, silicone spoon

The bottle goes to the maternal and baby shop. There are professional shopping guides to introduce you. Two baby bottles are enough for pure breast milk. The silicone spoon is feeded to the baby to drink water.

•milk powder

No matter if you are not ready to prepare breast milk, you have to prepare a can. Some caesarean mothers may not have breast milk a few days ago.


This was what I had to prepare for my doctor after giving birth to a baby, and now I bought it. You can drink it in proportion to the baby. (This can be prepared in advance, do you want to drink as advice?) Remember that glucose is not white sugar!

• Small clothes


Newborn buy a monk service, cotton boneless. Do not bring buttons, the baby is dangerous to stuff the buttons into the mouth.

• Hugging

I am in the north, when I have a baby at the end of March, the thick quilt I prepared is not useful. The most practical is a single -layer cotton cloth, preparing a few more. (If the room is very cold in the winter, you will prepare a few thicknesses)


The pillow doctor I prepared was a bit high. Later, I bought a kind of baby pillow with a hole in the middle, and for a long time.

• diapers, diapers

No matter which one you choose, you are still prepared at first. The white gauze diapers I bought on the Internet have a description on the diapers to teach you the folding method and package method. The diapers are dedicated to the supermarket to buy newborns. I gave my baby diapers before the full moon. After the full moon, I took care of my and my baby who went home to work and went home, so I kept wearing diapers for my baby. After the baby can go, he puts it into a pull pants (because the diapers will fall when the baby walks).

• Wet towel

The wet towel is mainly to rub the PP for the baby. Buy no alcohol and spices. Some wet towels contain skin care ingredients to effectively prevent red PP.

• skin care milk

Including cream, body milk, PP cream. Cream and body milk are bought at the age of the baby, using cream in winter, and milk in summer. PP cream is mainly anti -red PP. I use the most common white tube on the market. I have been wearing diapers to my baby over two years old, and there is no red PP during the period.

• Small ointment

Many newborns will grow milk moss, and go to the pharmacy to buy a small ointment for a baby. (What ointment I prescribed the boric acid I prescribed at the doctor in the hospital is more serious after wiping it! Later, I went to the small ointment I bought by the pharmacy.)

• Nail knife

Do not think it is expensive to buy babies. It can be used for several years.

• Bathture, washbasin

The bathtub can be in place at one time, and buy a slightly larger halfway. There is a small net pocket on the current baby bathtub, which is dedicated to moon baby.


• Little toilet

Buy a slightly larger one, don’t change it halfway. I didn’t urinate the baby. Basically, I slowly quit diaper after the baby was conscious and learned to sit on a small toilet.

Here I have to say one more thing. Parents should consciously train female babies squatting. Because most public places are squatting!

• urine pad

For your mattress without mildew, please use urine pads! In addition, there is a large -scale urine pad sold on a large bed. Put a layer of cotton mattress on the urine pad, because the urine pad is not breathable!

• Baby sleeping bag

More practical than the quilt. Babies who don’t sleep well at night are randomly kicked the quilt, and you can’t guarantee that you cover the quilt for him all night.

• Insulation cup

Go out with water or milk.

I think so much for the must -have items for the time being. Let me talk about the pits I bought, not too much, because sometimes I want to buy something is too expensive, he hesitated, hesitating the baby, you don’t need to need it. … So the poverty saved me!

Puding area:

•Radiation suit


I really do n’t know if I do n’t prevent radiation.

•Juice machine

When the baby was young, it used to buy juice for the baby. I do n’t say that the baby loves to drink, squeeze the juice in 5 minutes, and wash it in 15 minutes! Once I wanted to squeeze the roots of sugarcane, I almost put it out.


• Bite music supplementary food

It is also difficult to clean. The holes are all fruit and vegetable residues, and they have to be disinfected once.

• Manual breast pump

It’s really tired, and it takes a long time to prepare a bottle of milk. Moms who are preparing to prepare milk to buy electric. Try to think about it, you have n’t come out in the company ’s toilet for a long time, waiting for a row of colleagues to knock on the door outside the door, which is too embarrassing.

• Packed pacifier

My baby was completely unwilling to bite (fortunately, not willing to bite), and the babies who were willing to bite could not quit when they were old.

• Widening gun


Not allowed! All electronic thermometers are not allowed to be accurate.


• Learning Belt

The baby is uncomfortable. Later, I took my baby to naughty castle and saw a aunt and a scarf to get it, soft and not! Sure enough, the master is in the folk.

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