The cotton clothes worn by women in Chengdu are thin, the temperament is particularly refreshing, and the winter match is too beautiful.

There are always people who will give up in winter

Fashionable wear,

Only choose to make yourself warm. For those who know fashion, you can wear it in winter

Fashionable and warm

The streets on the streets of Chengdu are particularly obvious, and their cotton clothes are also very distinctive. Women in Chengdu also know how to wear them too much. Even if they are warm cotton clothes, they can be particularly beautiful. People who want to wear and temperament can learn their matching skills.

▶ Cool cotton clothes wear

The style is relatively cool, and it is not affected by the thickness of the clothing,

in winter

At the same time, you can wear a fashionable and unique effect through thick clothing. Cool clothing is selected


At this time, it is more recommended to wear black styles, or the style of silver and golden hooks.


When you match, you choose long clothing and large pants. The pants are selected with printed styles, or ordinary workpants are all running.


Cool and young

Essence Some small accessories are also important. Common baseball caps or less common headscarves have the effect of turning the momentum.

▶ Handsome and simple cotton clothing

The particularly eye -catching design will naturally show

Cool Fan,


Make ordinary black cotton clothes more unique, but black cotton clothes do not have to be matched with particularly eye -catching to look good. The handsome and simple style is easier to be accepted by the public.

For example, when wearing fluffy short black cotton clothes, it looks like a white hooded sweater or black leather pants.

A lot of handsome, Jane


The combination of single is also highlighting. If you want to be handsome, you can also replace it with straight pants for matching,

There is a greater temperament.

▶ The combination of gentle ladies

The lady’s cotton clothing is difficult to display through the black cotton clothing, but the light -colored cotton jacket and the rhombus pattern cotton clothing are more convenient.

Not only advanced,

It will also show a gentle little incense aura.

When matching, with a white skirt, the gas field can become more

Rough, soft,

Lady Fan got up. Remember to match other accessories, select

Breda hat, fluffy

Simple and simple styles such as shoes or small white shoes, the beauty of enhancement is more obvious.

▶ Literary and low -key matching style

The simple black cotton clothing and dark blue cotton clothing,

Because it’s too low -key,

At the same time, it is very versatile to be liked by everyone, but when many people are matching, they will be like this

Low -key color


With a strong sense of presence, such as white wide -leg pants or skirts

and many more


Low -key wear is also a fashionable

Matching skills,


You only need to match a pearl earrings to show the literary sense that brown coats may not be displayed. It is a very advanced matching technique.

▶ Sweet Japanese wear

In Japanese wearing, you can often see the rhombus cotton clothes, because this design is easier to show the sweetness of the Japanese.

Checked skirt

There will be a sweet and gentle feeling.

The most unique in Japanese wear is to make the short girls, while not wearing the effect of showing their legs, make the temperament

very nice


Essence Choose a gentle cotton jacket, match the mid -length sweater and long skirt, and then combine the cute ones

Shoulder Bags

The temperament is particularly sweet, and the short man will be more cute after wearing it.

▶ Royal Sister Fan Chao’s combination

The cotton clothing can be matched with a cute and “short leg” effect. Of course, it can also be matched with the effect of showing the length of the legs, especially the short cotton clothing, with short clothing and high -waist pants, the legs are long, and the legs are long and still still.

Especially Fan.

Especially when wearing a navel, with a pair of wide -leg pants, and then a pair of



The sneakers look particularly long and strong. The color of this type of clothing is the best

Choose black gray system

It is or blue, and the green system in the cold color is also good. It is difficult to match other colors to match such a stable.

Advanced momentum

It’s right.

▶ Gentle and unique stacking

The impression of black cotton clothes brings everyone is cool and stable

, The white on the white is simpler and simple

The blue and pale pink ones are more suitable for cute style. Blue short cotton is particularly suitable for matching


Sweats and white skirts show a sweet temperament.

This is suitable for stacking with warm -leg pants,

Gas field

Obviously it is much more unique. Simple stacking method is to wear white turtleneck skirts, with brown

Wide -leg pants or straight pants

A small section can stack brown sweaters, white dresses and black jeans. The simple color will not look strange.

▶ The matching skills of peculiar design

Fashion has changed so fast, of course, there are many in the style of cotton clothes.

The unique design style,


It will make your match eye -catching. Add fluffy decoration to the collar of the cotton cloth


It’s quite distinctive, the exaggerated collar design pants is quite quite


The unique design must be paired with simple clothing. The cotton clothes worn in winter must be simpler, otherwise it is easy to make the momentum

Exaggerated too much.

The cotton clothes worn by women in Chengdu are thin, the temperament is particularly refreshing, and the winter match is too beautiful.

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