Life small encyclopedia, wonderful cold knowledge, do not understand the small knowledge that may not be encountered

01. While people’s face is red, the stomach wall in the body will become red.


02. When people sleep, they are in a “failure” state.

03. Generally speaking, women’s fat is mainly stored in the abdomen and hips, while men’s fat is mainly stored in the upper abdomen.

04. A normal adult’s bladder can store an average of 300-500 ml of urine, about the capacity of a mineral water bottle.


05. When people feel scared, the vision will be improved.

06. I do n’t know if I ask three, specifically refers to the incidents of the incident, the incident is unknown, and the end of the matter is unknown.

07. The cave room was originally used to refer to a place for men and women to love. Later, people used cave rooms to refer to the bedrooms of the newlyweds.

08 A data shows that the bacteria content of a razous knife is as high as 1.2 million/square centimeter, which is the highest in all common daily necessities.

09. Shatang Orange is not named after the sweetness of the rustling, but because it is named from Shatang Village.

10. When people start at about 30 years of age, their height will slowly decrease. At about ten years, it will reduce by about 0.5 cm.

11. Frequent digging nostrils will make the nostrils larger, and often pinch the nose or nose, which will also slowly grow the nose or nose.

12. The frozen people will see some beautiful fantasies on the occasion of death, so those who are frozen often have a peaceful expression at the end.


13. Some studies have stated that babies who suck pacifier are more likely to have ear pain.


14. A large amount of carotene is intake in a short period of time. The body will be yellow because carotenoids are not metabolized, but don’t worry, it will return to normal after a period of time.

15. Putting music in the restaurant is not exactly to let you appreciate music, but to use the attention or goodwill that you attract the help of music, making you think the food is more delicious.

16. A total of 120 billion people lived on the earth, including 7 billion people.

17. In their lives, the average of about 29.2 million people will encounter about 29.2 million people. The probability of two people in love with each other is only 0.000049%.


18. A frowning about 200,000 times, a new wrinkle appears on the forehead.

19. If the sneezing is too hard, the ribs may be fractured, but if you do not hold it, you may break the blood vessels of the brain or neck.

20. The maximum natural snowflakes recorded at the current diameter are 38 cm.

21. The car falls into the water, because the air pressure can only open the door when the air pressure is filled with water.


22. Why did someone particularly love to take a selfie?

23. Although dreaming and snoring occur in sleep, they cannot be carried out at the same time.

23. Clean the tongue coating when brushing your teeth, which may relieve bad breath.

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