Germany Dort Walker retro leisure outdoor backpack: Makes you full of confidence

The spring season is coming, riding and traveling requires a comfortable backpack that needs to be comfortable, so that we can forget the heavy burden on a long journey and remember a beautiful journey.

I have used Deuter’s brand backpack, knowing that the materials of Deuter’s home backpack are real, giving people a sense of real, and very lightness. Dort is a German brand. The brand was founded in 1898 and is one of the world’s famous outdoor brands. Its “charm” made me chop my hands again. Walker retro leisure outdoor backpack. This is suitable for not only suitable for daily leisure outdoor use, but also to meet business needs. Pack.

Simple appearance


Germany Dort Deuter’s backpack design is simple and generous. Walker retro leisure outdoor backpack style retro. The author is both resistant to look and dirty gray.


The fabric of the backpack is high -density fiber fabrics, which are not only tear and waterproof. Do not worry about water seepage when you go out in the rain, but also resist friction and crickets, practical and durable.


Bags large capacity, super capable

The size of the package is 30cm long, width X23cm, height X52cm, with a capacity of 24 liters, and the actual capacity can reach 30 liters. The storage ability is very good. The three -dimensional design and super capable can meet the daily commuting needs. The details of the warehouses and small bags are considered very thoughtful. The storage ability is very good. It can fully meet my daily commuting needs. The daily necessities such as laptop computers, umbrellas, and cups that are carried can be stored in different categories.


The main warehouse of the backpack is a layered storage warehouse with a large capacity. There are computer expansion and folder partition layers. The computer notebooks, mobile phones, charging treasures, books, coats, etc. I want to bring can be placed in each layer of pockets. The magic stickers are fixed, which is more stable and reliable. At the same time, it can be opened through the side zipper buckle to facilitate the extraction. The zipper uses the well -known internationally renowned YKK, which is very smooth. The pocket mezzanine has a certain thickness, which can play a good protective effect, which has a good protective effect on valuables, and it is not easy to slip out. The main warehouse uses cables to shrink the mouth, which is more convenient and fast. There are two fasteners sealing to ensure the stability and safety of the items.


In addition to the main warehouse, the front of the backpack also has a 15cm long and width zipper storage bag. You can put frequent things such as snacks, keys, and memory cards. Access is very convenient. There are keychain and pens and mobile phone mezzanine, which is very convenient to get frequently.


In addition, one pocket on the left and right sides of the bag, the left pocket is an open design with elastic rope at the closed mouth. You can drink water cups and umbrellas. When you exercise violently, the water cup will not fall out. Yes, the right pocket can be placed in mouse, mobile power and other things.


Following degree and comfort

This bag uses a 600D PES nylon fabric to maximize the lightweight and stronger backpack. The weight is only 780g.

This package uses the AIRSTRIPES air column back system,

The middle of the back pad is hollow like a pillar,

The characteristics of breathable comfort, decompression weight loss,

You can move the arc of the back according to the body shape of different people.


Move the weight to the shoulder and easily carry the travel. The S -shaped shoulder straps based on ergonomic engineering have a certain width and thickness. You can freely adjust the length, upper body and

Back perfectly fit

, Uniformly stressing, very comfortable on the back. In addition, in order to facilitate the packets, there are also withdrawals on the top of the backpack. You can also pick up the bag when needed.

The fixed band on the chest is adjustable chest buckle and belt. It can be adjusted according to its height and weight, bringing better comfort and stability. The belt can also share part of the load, use close comfortable breathability, safe and reliable.

In short, Walker’s retro leisure outdoor backpack is very good. The color matching is very fashionable. The space is not only large, but also the internal space design is reasonable. It is enough to go to work, business trip, and travel. The breathable heat dissipation is good, the fabric is waterproof, combined with the empty column carrier system, and the wide shoulder strap, the back is very comfortable, it will not feel heavy, and it is enough daily. I have to admit that the German Dort Deter retro leisure outdoor backpack This bag is the most comfortable high -value city bag that I have carried. I have a confidence, and finally thanks to the experience opportunities given by the Kim Evaluation.

Author: ArticleManager