ZTE mobile phone BLADE V8 exposes Samsung S8 wireless headset

1. ZTE’s official website unexpectedly leaked the promotional picture of the new machine Blade V8. Soon the company deleted these pictures, but there were still many users with fast eye diseases captured this phone. From the appearance, the fuselage is relatively slim and adopts a large area of ​​metal design. There is a position of a physical Home button in the front of the fuselage, and the fingerprint recognition device is integrated in it. The exposure of the new machine is dark gray. There are rumors that the new machine not only has this color matching, but also has pink design.

2. According to SAMMOBILE, Samsung decided to revive the fanfare and launched a real wireless headset again. This Korean technology giant will release a new in -ear headphones, and the new headset will debut with its new flagship Galaxy S8.

3. According to people familiar with the matter, the back of the LG G6 will be designed with a glass panel, and the front of the fuselage will be covered with a 2.5D glass screen. After applying the 2.5D glass screen, the surface of the mobile phone is like a water drop that is not overflowing, so the 2.5D glass screen is also called a water drop screen. In other words, this mobile phone body has a certain arc and also uses a frameless design.

4. If the news is true, then we will usher in a total of 4 iPhones: 4.7 -inch version, 5.5 -inch version, and a new 5.8 -inch version. Earlier, it was reported that Apple would also launch a 5 -inch iPhone 7s.

中兴手机Blade V8曝光 三星研发S8无线耳机

ZTE mobile phone BLADE V8 exposes Samsung S8 wireless headset

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