Necessary or chicken ribs? Recommended recommendations for equipment to be produced

[Mother’s Draft] The delivery is approaching, and the expectant mothers are in a hurry to prepare for the birth package. There are many articles on the Internet telling pregnant mothers that how to prepare for the production bags. These articles will tell you in detail what you want to buy to be available to the package. It is often turned into a big bag to the end of your production package. What are you must buy and which are not needed for the time being, and which are you must buy? Xiaobian collected a number of netizens’ preparation experience to prepare for the production package, telling the pregnant mothers to buy them. Finally, let’s take a look at the recommendation of shopping for delivery for pregnant mothers to prepare for pregnant mothers.

1. What do you need to prepare for the production package

Generally speaking, the maternal will prepare the production bag before entering the park to prepare for delivery. Generally speaking, the production package needs to be prepared separately for the mother and baby. In simple terms, these items need to be prepared:


1. Maternal must

Mammal bras, anti -milk pads, maternal sanitary napkins, breast pumps, maternal hats, and so on.

2. Baby must

Card beds, diapers, diaper pads, bottles, milk powder, baby washing supplies, baby cotton diaper, baby hat, umbilical cord, and so on.

However, is it really necessary to put all these supplies into the pocket? A mother’s netizen shared her personal experience for her to prepare for the bag, and told the mothers what should be bought, which should be bought, and which should be:

2. Recommended shopping for shopping for production packages

Below, please take a look at the recommendation of shopping for shopping for delivery.

1. pajamas

There are really a lot of sweating after giving birth, one layer by layer. Whether you are born in winter or summer, it is necessary for three or four sets of loose autumn pants or pajamas. I do n’t change the four sets of four sets after giving birth, and at that time, the milk was dripping. Khan and milk are wet. If you don’t change it in time, it is easy to catch a cold.

Recommended 1: Jonana Pregnant Women Pajamas

Reference price: ¥ 147

Recommended reason: cotton round neck, invisible breastfeeding, can be worn after giving birth.

Netizens’ evaluation:

Netizen Ranjing_2009: The clothes are suitable and the quality is good. The delivery speed is strange. Very satisfied. I am 161 tall, and the net weight before pregnancy is 50.5 kg. Now 29 weeks of pregnancy, weighing 58 kg. With the experience of the second child, we planned to weigh 62 kg at the time of life. At that time, when I bought clothes, I had been struggling to buy M or L. Considering that the baby had to be worn at the end of December, I had to wear it around April next year. Facts have proved that I bought it right and had been washed and passed through. It was very good. The size was suitable. There were some room for not bloated and could be worn.

Recommended 2: Tingfei Maternal Pajamas

Reference price: ¥ 99

Recommended reason: cotton, there is a loose band behind it, and can be worn after giving birth.

Netizen yujiabear1017: This clothes are very good and very good. Considering that we wear it in the later stages of pregnancy, we are currently wearing a lot, but it is still very good.

2. Infant diaper

The baby has to use diapers since birth, but the newborn has to use the NB number of the newborn, and use the S size as soon as it comes up, like a skirt.

Recommended 1: Help Bao Shi Pyrite Platinum Platinum Gang

Reference price: ¥ 77


Recommended cause: The skin of the newborn baby is tender and should choose a diaper with good breathability and soft and comfortable material. The super soft inner and outer surface layer unique to Bao Shi -level cotton soft can give the baby’s skin in all directions.

Netizen Bo 5: My baby is used at the full moon. After using diapers, the sleep time and quality are much better. It can usually sleep for about four hours at night. Now sleeping for a long time, I don’t always cry. I use more at night. Speaking of diapers, the absorption ability is very strong. After four hours of touching, it is not humid, and the baby has no hip red. Continue to support it later.

Recommended 2: Japanese Flower Diabo Pants Tri -breathable original newborn diapers nb code 90 tablets

Reference price: ¥ 139

Recommended cause: The bumpy and soft and soft point layer, tightly lock the soft stool, and the lower part of the crotch is softer. No matter how the baby moves, it will not cause the skin to cause the skin.

Netizen buckwheat: Basically, the baby is used for the baby, and basically it needs to be changed. If it is only urinating, no matter the surface of the diapers, it feels dry. Hold. If Hua’s diaper is wet, it will become fat. The water -locking little beads inside firmly suck the urine, and the small beads expand several times. Very good.

3. Hip cream

When the baby is urinating, when you change the diapers, open it to let the PP take down, without washing; when you are in Labba, wash the PP with wet towels, and then take some hip cream. Therefore, the hip cream must be bought, otherwise the baby is easy to be red.

Recommended 1: Johnson

Reference price: ¥ 24


Recommended causes: zinc oxide and DP formulas to avoid directly stimulating the skin on the urine; form a layer of breathable protective film on the surface of the skin, which can protect the baby’s skin, does not be eroded by moisture and enzymes, and effectively inhibit bacterial breeding.


Netizen Yanran Baby: Every time I change diapers, squeeze an appropriate amount of Johnson & Galvan and hip cream evenly on the baby’s small butt, and then take a little bit of the red dot. In this way, the red dots will be found when you change the diaper. The effect is quite obvious. After using the buttocks cream, you can let the fart dew in the air for a while, and the effect is better.

Recommended 2: Baby Zifang Baby Full -Effect Proponic Cream

Reference price: ¥ 48


Recommended cause: The formula specially developed to protect the tender buttocks of infants and young children, which can deeply moisturize, lasting moisturizing, build a pearl -like defensive film for the skin, to avoid direct stimulation of the skin such as urination; Skin redness and other discomfort; frequent use can effectively prevent and rapidly improve symptoms such as eczema, diaper rash, and the baby’s hips are restored to tender and smooth;

Netizens are strong: a very moisturizing fart protection cream. In the confinement, the phenomenon of red butt pants occasionally has a red butt. After using it, it will have a good effect. Essence

4. Wet towel

Wet towels are used for scrubbing PP after pulling the baby, so it is necessary. Otherwise, if you make a towel and wipe it again, you have to wash the towels and wipe it again, so that the baby will easily get cold.

Recommended 1: Pigeon baby soft wet towel (10 pieces)


Reference price: ¥ 3.6

Recommended causes: no pigment, no spice, alcoholic, skin allergies. It contains chamomile extract extract and gentle cleaning ingredients, gently cares for the baby’s delicate skin. Gentle care, can be used daily, can also be used to wipe hands and faces. The baby’s dedicated clean formula can gently and effectively clean the baby’s skin.

Netizens have always loved the products of Pigeon very much. This wet towel paper also makes people satisfied and moisturized. The taste is also very good and softer.

Recommended 2: ABC ’s BB baby cleansing cotton


Reference price: ¥ 10

Recommended cause: ABC’s BB baby’s pearl -ray flower non -woven fabrics, strengthen the clean power, good water absorption, can beolate bacteria infiltration.

Netizens are simple and happy: ABC cleansing cotton is less irritating to BB’s skin, a faint smell, the baby likes it, and it is convenient and easy to use!

5. Infant pure cotton diaper

It is more money to use diaper, because it is necessary to dry and dry it, but it is not necessary to dry it in time when washing the diaper, so it is more prepared, especially the cloudy days. Do not use autumn clothes and autumn pants or old sheets. One is not hygienic. In addition, pure cotton white diaper is for observing the baby’s feces color and shape. The stool is the most intuitive reflection of the baby’s health. Out.

Recommended 1: All cotton church baby pure cotton gauze newborns all cotton baby diapers 10

Reference price: ¥ 79.9


Recommended cause: Made in cotton. After certification of authoritative agencies, there is a unique aroma of cotton, which is weakly acidic to protect the baby’s tender skin.

Netizen Zi Xiao: It’s really surprising! The three -layer diaper is very thick, soft, and peanuts should be more comfortable than traditional. The lock is on the side, the workmanship is very surprised, there are special non -woven bags packed, more assured. More!

Recommended 2: Total cotton cotton gauze in the cotton era.

Reference price: ¥ 118

Recommended cause: After soaking, the feel is soft, the workmanship is delicate, and it will not deform after multiple washing. 100%uses medical -grade cotton gauze without adding any chemical components.

Netizen J1CCO: Very good, I like it very much, buy a lot of things, and will come again if necessary. The west packaging is very good. I have a lot of gifts and I like it very much. It looks very formal. Washed all the washing, stocking, preparing to use it for the baby in November. Although the price is high, it is the most important thing to use with peace of mind. It feels very easy to use.

6. Infant laundry solution

The skin of the newborn is very thin, poor resistance, delicate and sensitive, and must choose non -irritating. The commonly used laundry powder at home is definitely not suitable for babies. Therefore, this must be bought, and can be used for washing and diapers.

Recommended 1: Pigeon concentrated baby clothing cleaning agent 600ml

Recommended cause: Special cleaning ingredients, can effectively remove stains on the baby’s diaper, stubborn dirt unique to infants such as food residues on the clothing; Affects the baby’s delicate skin; the concentrated formula is more durable; phosphorus -free, fluorescent agent, no bleach powder, no pigment.


Netizen Grruby: After smelling it, this Pigeon product was washed very clean. After washing the clothes, it had a fragrance, gentle and fresh! good!

Recommended 2: 呵 儿 baby herbal laundry liquid 1L

Reference price: ¥ 28.8

Recommended reason: The laundry fluid is purely extracting various nursing ingredients and essences from plants such as the Danish national flowers and trees spring chrysanthemum, winter green, and red three leaves. Artificial synthetic flavors, pigments and mineral oils are safe and non -irritating, and gently protect natural sebum film.

Netizen RinNAL224: I thought that the laundry solution had no taste. When I used it, I found a faint fragrance, and it was acceptable. After washing, the fragrance of bubbles in the water will fade. Cleaning is a bubble, which is strong, and it is not very hurt. Adults, children, and babies can be used. The clothes of the washed babies are also soft.

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