Pu Liya’s airport appeared. The hot water bag and plush jacket are very real, especially the little sister next door

Speaking of Tong Liya, I believe that many netizens will not be unfamiliar. Although they are also a little fairy, they are still almost a few aspects, but after many years, the goddess really makes netizens sigh. It’s getting more and more. Other stars appear to be exquisitely exquisite at the airport, but Tong Liya’s hot water bottle with a plush jacket is very real and beautiful. The sense of atmosphere is immediately full, and it is also like the little sister next door. It’s really a tender king paragraph

The goddesses couldn’t help but have all kinds of exquisite and elegant comparison when they appeared at the airport, but Tong Liya appeared at the airport, but it was very real. The hot water bottle was equipped with a plush jacket. It was really sighing. , Still like the little sister next door


In the aspect of dressing tender, Tong Liya’s operation is indeed too advanced. Others are wearing pink and tender and turning over, but Pu Liya’s blue plush jacket is paired with a pink warm water bottle, and the atmosphere is full in minutes to turn into the atmosphere into becoming the atmosphere. The little cute next door is too good, right?

It can only be said that when you see the goddess’s wear, you know what is cute and sexy grab, plush sweater with tight black pants, simple white shoes, plus a sweet smile, it is really sexy and and with Cute coexistence, which makes people unable to hold beauty


Tong Liya still has a set of daily cooperation sets. Why are they so good? One powder has no sense of dislocation. What should I cover my mouth with a smile? The charm of this little fairy is really full, it is really simple and fashionable.


I have to say that, in addition to the figure and face value, the hairline is also an inevitable part of the middle -aged crisis. Seeing Liya, a short suit dress is elegant and moving Artifact, but this hairline is more powerful, too hearty


Without the beauty filter, why did Tong Liya look better? Although the skin tone is not the kind of white and extraordinarily, the beige coat is not only warm and elegant, simple, comfortable, but also more attractive.

The elegant goddess Fan Drama in the drama of Pu Liya is also unabated. Don’t look at the simple clothes, but this atmosphere is full, even black leather pants are wrinkled. It’s just the rhythm in the comics

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