Plaid control, chic warmth

It’s a bit of a bunch of life, and I’m still caught in the dusk.

I miss a little, and I still refuse to make a good flower, and a few wires are warm.



渺 人 海, 千 孤 孤, 凉 凉 凉,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

The years in the hands, such as the sand, all over the fingertips, all hid the dust. It’s just a long dance of a wind, and I am in the dream, Jiangnan, shallow persistence, and it is not suppressed.

Pray, thinking about your street corner, pedestrians, in the wet smile. A gardenia flower, the ridiculous don’t know that spring is still summer. I hope that the sun in tomorrow is rising tonight, the emperor is chic, and the heart I convers it. I know, this is only Ireland’s snow, blooms in life, I know, this is just a hope, praying for a chic wish.

That plaid control shirt is a haze, still in the sun, still in the sun. Unique like, chic warmth, don’t get a light blue square.

The leaves of the leaves are still still trees. The wind is still a passer, and it can only look at the leaves of the sea. This world has no matter how happy and sad, gathering or sagging, we have no choice but to have a blank ending.

I don’t want to go, just don’t want you to take the promise of your performance, look back, the plaid shirt is warmer than I think. I can’t facilitate the predicted future, come and not come, the ending is not just the same.

The Buddha said that the return of the five hundred years has to go to the shoulders in this life. If it is just passing, if the time for five hundred years will look too much. When you should shoulder your shoulders, I think of your birthplace, and you, whether I have been waiting for my life. After one, a word, I have been in my heart for a long time.

It is my memory being sealed, or the heart, there is no place to habit. About you, I can only think of the plaid control shirt, don’t know who is warm. I am trying to think that you are agreeing. It turns out that only people who have a heart of each other will not treat the agreement. I am meditation, you can imagine a story, weaving an article can touch my soul lie, and like a lie, it will look the most true when he lies a life.

I have a soft and tenderness, and the gentle man is gentle than the woman. I don’t want to make memories, because you are, just between the age, like a long kite, there is always a line quietly thoughts, even if there is a day, there is always a belonging to me and yours. Breakpoint. Only one thing is between, the floating kite will eventually stop in my city, outside the city, swing.

Light blue soot, vaguely a light blue sweater. Only in winter, the chic warmth will be more feelings, bring heavy pain, thinking of you, as a heavy heart, in the past, such as the past.


Light blue soot, vividly of my light blue memory. The smoke is rare, remembers are still fresh, just have your landscape, will make memories in a number of stars, it is indispensable.

Is the shirt I like plaid, or you are too light blue sweater, will put those empty plaids, set up thousands of minds, and that is unforgettable, that is lighted in the wind, was Written into a mottled year. And that chic, can only be warm in memory, warm into light blue dreams, hover in light blue Penglai. A lonely road, extending to the dream in the sea, the fog has scattered.


The rare light in the night is still Silver, and the 浑噩 独 独 独 春 春 秋 秋Life is the corridor under the downtlight. From the head to the end, when you turn, it is still the same place, just one more direction. Whether it should be quietly reflect, turn the wrong direction, I should wait for those forgiveness.

I remember that I have sent you a poem, just that you are too late, please don’t question my sincerity, because I am the late poetry book, just not indicating the implicit value, there is a control lattice, etc. Go to you. Then the poem is very thick, the lead is a beautiful, and there is a beautiful wound. It is just beautiful, beautiful into a sadness, in this moment of unflowing, perhaps, perhaps, only you can understand .

Unable to resist lonely confession, bitter, strange romance, waiting for the night to open, don’t get a collection, don’t embrace my warmth.

What kind of angle can look up to happiness; what kind of monograph, can understand the latitude of the lattice, turn the happiness lock in the plaid, like a little deer, pretend to find out the way.

The lattice control shirt, light blue square, such a tacit match, can you make your beauty a lot of love, poison into my heart, you are willing to be a happiness in your poison, numb is in love It is taste that there is no habit of habits.

The two milks are not far away, perhaps only you can understand this perfect boundary, if I accidentally crossed your city, please appreciate me like a flower, then smile, leave me a chic warmth . If I wilted tomorrow, please don’t hurt, an 别逅 邂, how can I give up the spring of the coming year.


What flowers, faint, but not dazzling; what person, shallow is persistent, but it is not intensified. Flowers open a petal, enough to go to the year, peace of life, willing to be in the world. The light flowers are shadow, and the light is full of smashing, plaid and snorkeling, and dying.


Red beans are born in the South, where is the South of the country, and looked up and not see spring, and he is looking down.

How many 惆怅 依,; 鹧鸪嗟 鹧鸪嗟, 木 木 殇 殇 殇 殇

Wen / Xue Ying

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