A Home General Manager Sun Shuwei: “Two Legs Walk” deep plows Beijing market

Beijing Business News (Reporter Xie Jia Ting) On October 13, 20020, China Household Brand Member, which was jointly hosted by Beijing Business News Agency, actually hosted by the Home, A Home Brand Operator Summit, Auntie and Jeddah General Manager Gao Yixin, Liu Jia, Chairman of the Clas Home Sales, Shao Guiling, Hua Wei Home Chief Strategy, Zhang Dongwei, Deputy General Manager of Far East, Meihua Meijia, Party Xin, deputy general manager of Proynd Zhang Youjun, the president of Huaguan, Zhang Tianyi, and the northern part of the family, the family of Wang Hongwei and other home products. Under the hosted “Out of China, the director of the Beijing Business Daily, Director Wu Houbin, and discussed” Out of Beijing “.”

In the guest sharing, Sun Shuwei introduced the road, and a home focused on the layout of the child. There is only one thing in the first decade – in Beijing, the market layout, the child’s home has opened more than 100 stores, the operating area of ​​more than 20,000 square rice.


“In 2020, due to epidemic reasons, A home has made brand strategic adjustments. While maintaining children’s sectors, it has increased Jin Keer’s soft body, but it is only in Beijing area.” Positioning children’s service providers, Sun Shuwei emphasizes A The key words of home are “respect”. “No matter how high-end, don’t respect the customers, which field will not be developed too well. We have been in the 15 years, the financial crisis caught up, and the epidemic also caught up, and we have a certain impact, but we still have strength. Through the crisis, this is from our respect for the market, and our initial heart has never changed. “

Sun Shuwei said, “A home on the one hand, using the ‘two legs walking”, deep plowing the Beijing market, on the other hand, expand the children’s home camp, promoting children’s learning table in the country. “

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