Can block the white hair cap, you can also use the neck, with a video explanation

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I was watching live, clothes, and an anchor brought a bag. I felt very beautiful. The original price was 99 yuan. Later, half price was not cheap, I found it just hit a picture, enlarged What kind of tricks can be seen, I have hooked it according to the pattern, how much is not used, and my line is still pure, the hat selling is a harsh hook, and the line is relatively thick. They are six flowers in a circle, the total is three rows, I have compared the head circumference. I feel that I hook seven flowers is suitable, so I hook the seven flowers and four rows, and the length is also more appropriate.

This bag is not a first-line, a flower, a flower, the two wires of each flower give me a video, how to hide everyone.


The lace on the picture is a short needle with a dog tooth needle, I hook a little, I don’t think it’s very good, I will change the lace of the hat, and the video will teach you how to get hook. The original version of the small flower under the waves is the flower core of each flower, but I feel flat, and I will change it into puffs, and the bubble flowers are the same, and special three-dimensional, I think it is very good. .


The hatred in this model is the original picture. You can refer to my photo with him. If novice can hook according to the two episodes I took, every step I said is very detailed.

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