Hundred-headed curtains, roller blinds, honeycomb curtains, how do you choose so much?

The main role of curtains is to suck insulation, adjust the indoor light, protect privacy, and other functions. Now the choice of curtains pay more attention to home decoration.


1, veneum

The venetian curtain has the characteristics of neat, atmospheric, and beautiful, because of the variety of materials, it can also be widely used in various spaces, which is very suitable for use in home, office space.


2, roller blind


Rolling blinds is a classic windowjewelry product, easy to operate, and is acclaimed. And the coil is simple, and the brief is very suitable for home, office, and business and other places.


3, honeycomb curtain

Because the shape is like a hive, so it is called

The curtain is composed of a honeycomb structure that can be stretched by one by one. Generally, in addition to it, it can be pulled down.

4, Roman curtain


There are also many types, folding, fan forms, wavy, etc.

5, color curtain

Color curtains are popular with high-cost feature and high cost of their unique opening and closing structures and rolling blinds. It has the characteristics of simple operation, diversification of shading, and simple appearance.

6, smart electric curtain


There are many smart curtains on the market. It is really a lazy gospel. It can open the curtain to open the curtain to enjoy the balcony. In fact, smart curtains say that there is no technical content, that is, a motor, orbit and ordinary curtains are slightly Difference, if you want to install an electric curtain, remember to stay in the window, how to stay in the window, you should ask the electric curtains.

On the Internet, there are electric curtains, now it is basically intelligent, that is, can connect to the WiFi mobile app to control the opening of the curtains, but also set a few more points every day, some can also lock with the smart door Link, you will come to the door.


It is now popular, such as Tmall energy, Xiaomi’s little love classmates, and after connecting, can voice control switch curtains.


The price of intelligent electric curtains is calculated on the motor and install labor, I see the price of online probably 400 meters (excluding curtains) to float up and down. A window must have a motor, so the number of windows will definitely be a little higher. This is the price of a track. If you want a layer of yarn to install electric, it is double price, but I personally feel that there is no need to use ordinary manual.

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