So much jacket, which is going to pick up in spring? “Shirt jacket” retro fashion, the key is also very practical

Spring is a stage of thin jackets, like a classic jacket such as denim, flying jacket, tooling jacket, is a must-have, after all, the temperature change in spring is also very large, so face the weather environment in the morning and evening, choose one Jacket is very important.

I believe that many partners will encounter such a match when they are styled, which is a bit cold when wearing a clothing, and adding a coat and feeling a bit hot, then the outer casing is so thick to make the shape look comfortable. Stylish.


In numerous jackets, the shirt jacket is a very recommended style, this single product is very suitable in spring.


Shirt jacket characteristics

Shirt jackets are generally designed in style, with a lot of shirts, like cuffs, thresholds, and collar are characterized by a shirt, but on the fabric is more thicker than conventional shirts, so the style design is one Thin section jacket.

Generally, there are many elements of the tooling wind in the shirt jacket, so there is a lot of similar characteristics with the tooling shirt or tooling jacket, but the style can wear practical and fashionable effects in the spring.


Retro fashionable style


Shirt jacket is a single product with vintage elements, and the style varies a variety of styles, so suitable for different style people. For partners who are keen on retro trendy, this style of jacket is not to be missed, which can make you hipster spring .

Although the style of the shirt jacket generally looks very bright, its hundred-bedroom is also very good, can be combined with different items, and its style feature can also guarantee the trendyness of the shape, so how to wear It seems monotonous.


1. Concise in white T

If it is not very grasped, it is not very grasped, it is very wise to choose, and the comfort of the white T shape is also very good, and it can deal with the temperature difference change of the afternoon. It played a good practical effect.


A army green shirt jacket with white T and nine pants, the shape is clean and neat, and a combination of a pair of sports small white shoes is very hipster.

The blue shirt with white t is formed very uniform, coupled with a literary style weapon pants, the shape also presents the charm of youth trend, black small bags and shoes are very enriched.

The original turmeric shirt jacket is difficult to control, but there is a white T existence, the shape will become a lot of a lot, plus fashionable jeans and skateboard shoes, the overall effect is very bright.


2. Match the nine wations pants styling


It is also a good single product in spring nine pants. It is very simple to wear.


In the styling, the shirt jacket is mixed with nine-point trousers. The shape shows a simple contrast. The upper body has a strong visual appeal, plus the trend of the baseball cap, a shoulder bag, and the sneakers make the shape easy to create trendy.

But the partners who like bright color should pay attention to that if the color of the jacket is very bright, other items must coordinate, and there is not much bright color in the match, otherwise it is difficult to control.

Just like in this shape, the blue shirt jacket is mixed with white nine western pants, and hue is very eye-catching. At this time, it should be coordinated with overall.

3. Create a more young trend, sports shoes can’t be less

Many partners are concerned that the shirt jacket is easy to be old, so it can be properly used as a good apparel fitting, just like a pair of trend of sports shoes can change the style of style.

Obviously use shirt jackets with black nine pants style will be more than one hundred, add a pair of sneakers, and the trendy field can show it, plus the embellishment of the small bag, and the overall appearance appears.

Navy blue jacket with apricot casual pants, although the color of the shape is very unified, but it is still a little monotonous. At this time, a pair of skateboard shoes is bright, and the style is brought to the style.

The shape of this group looks more elegant in hue, but the overall layer is very good, the tooling jacket with blue white striped T-shirt style literary fashion, while the color of the sports shoes is perfectly combined, so that the overall effect becomes More outstanding.

4. With jeans + leather shoes, show retro trendy


Shirt jackets are very classic, and it is also a good choice for retro installation. If you look with a pair of shoes, then the stylish retro stylish wind is very prominent.


In shape, jeans chooses loose version of the jeans will be more personal, with a pair of leather boots very vice, but the difficulty of controlling the control will increase, and the treatment of bad styles will have bloated effects, which affects the overall Proportion, the pants can make the shape becomes a hierarchy.

When choosing a thin section of jeans, you can use a lumbar line with a lumbar line. It is also suitable for spring. The classic army green and dark blue water wash jeans are mixed, and the retro storm is very strong, coupled with brown belts, shoes and bags.

So you can wear this “shirt jacket”, you can make the spring style is different.

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