A mask thousands of yuan! Don’t pay “IQ”, experts teach you this choice

Recently, a mask of a price close to thousands has caused consumers to have a hot discussion of consumers’ probability ratio of masks, targeting the high-priced masks, netizen comments: Receive “IQ Tax”.

The new crown epidemic is repeated, and people have formed a consensus on the importance of wearing masks. But what are the standards of mask fabrics, how to choose a good mask? Is it really good?

What is the role in the mask? Dust, anti-disease, anti-splash

“The mask is a physical barrier between the human and the external harmful substances.” Changjin Fengling, the infection management department of the First Hospital of Lanzhou University, said that the masks currently used have three aspects:

The first is dustproof, including smog particles such as PM2.5 from entering the respiratory tract;

The second is to prevent the spread of respiratory infectious diseases, and simply attribute to preventive effects;

The third is anti-splash. For example, medical staff wear masks, prevent liquid ingredients such as blood, body fluids such as body fluids, prevent their faces from being contaminated.

Our common cotton masks include the gauze mask used in the past, and now there are now cotton cotton masks, and some silky masks, etc., which have warm roots in addition to blocking dust. The activated carbon mask is very good due to the adsorption capacity of activated carbon, so its main role is also dustproof. But these two masks have no effect in preventing disease.

In the prevention and control of new crown pneumonia, the medical surgical mask is the most commonly used protective equipment, which is also recommended by many professionals.


“The mask that can prevent disease includes medical surgical masks and medical protective masks.” Jin Fengling said that the protective classes have medical, and there are industrial, industrial protective masks mainly prevent dust, some protective masks are with breathing valves. Whether there is any breathing valve, industrial masks on new crown epidemic, is not suitable for preventing respiratory infectious diseases. Jin Fengling emphasizes that it should be the best preventive mask. In addition, the medical protective mask must be a filtration material containing N95, but not all N95 masks are medical protective masks.

It is understood that the materials required for medical protective masks have dark nonwoven fabrics, meltblown nonwoven fabrics, spunbond nonwoven fabrics, nose beams and ear tape. The dark nonwoven fabric and spunbond nonwoven fabric are used in the outer surface of the mask, with good ventilation, water absorption and water repellency; meltblown nonwoven fabric for the intermediate filter layer, can be used to isolate air Dust and viruses prevent inhalation of the mouth of the mouth; and the nose beam strip and ear tape are generally used to fix the mask, so that everyone is worn.

Regarding the standard, Jinfeng Ling said that the medical protective mask and medical surgical mask have two standards in our country, the medical protective mask uses GB19083-2010, medical surgical mask is industry standard yy0469-2011, Jin Fengling suggestion, purchase mask, first look Explain, see if there are two national standards to do.

Not expensive, choose!

At present, there are some “high-priced” masks in the market. Is there a few hundred or even thousands of yuan, is it necessary to choose a “high price” mask? How to choose a mask reasonable?


Jin Fengling believes that the choice of masks are not more expensive, “” For the prevention and control of new crown pneumonia, the choice of masks must first meet the corresponding national standards. At the same time, choose the size, model, and excessive small smaller, including the mask. Do not get effective protection effects. “

“Don’t say that you have a few layers of protective effect, how to wear a few layers, the protective effect of the mask may not be superimposed, only one floor, as long as we wear correctly, you can achieve the best results.” About the mask, Jin Fengling It is said that no matter whether it is a medical protective mask or a medical surgical mask, there is a fixed usage time, and it is expressed in the newly promised mask in my country. The cumulative wearing time of the mask is no more than eight hours. Therefore, the mask also replaces regularly.

“In general, the choice of masks, while choosing two standards, choosing the right to wear, but also to wear, is the most important thing.” Jin Fengling said.

Source: Science and Technology Daily

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