Zhangjiakou’s “brick bag” and “meat iron”

“Brick Baby” and “meat iron”


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There are many old houses in the old city of Zhangjiakou City Bridge.

The so-called “brick bag”, simply, the exterior wall with a good blue brick building, the inner wall is from the ribroom of the loess, the green brick and the earth are biting each other, becoming one, famous “brick “.

Among these old houses of these “brick bag”, a part is a wooden frame, which is one of the reasons why we can continue to experience them today. Although the big part of them is no longer standing back, it looks at the old dragon clock.

In the courtyard of Qing brick gray tile, there will always be a secret force to hit it, you will not help but make a feeling of unclear.

People who live this bricks and old houses witnessed the passages of the years and the changes in the times.

Falling with the tide, the same period is the same, and the old house also has its decline. The decline of the old house is first started from the wall, the rain, the ground is wet, the wall roots have absorbed a lot of moisture and moisture, so the layer is detached. Since then, people who live in this old house began to maintain and repair it. This maintenance is not a one-time, almost a year year.

The repaired materials were initially simple, and some loess was piloted, and we were commonly known as big mud, and it was scratched along the wall. But this will not last for a long time, more than one or two years, and less starting from the rainy season, it will be re-trimmed.

In the past, people changed the repaired materials, modulated into the big mud blending. Later, it was added to the hemp knife in a large proportion of white ash. The hemp knife here is not a knife, but the crumbs of the chopped, and the chopped granules should be a hemp knife. The hemp knife is more than one or two inch long, the hemp knife and gray, good adhesion, not easy to crack, waterproof, hemp seomed is a longer inner wall plasma material. With a hemp knife, the wall root is treated, which can generally stick to two to three years. Later, as the economy improved and the rich materials, the owner of the old house was carefully demolished, and the wall root corruption was removed, changed to red bricks, wipe a high-grade cement wall dress, and brushed paint on the wall dress. It is a more long way.

In the transformation of this building, the years have passed, and become a few decades and even hundreds of years after the past, we have seen the look.

Brick shop, the version living in the building. Seeing it, I always think of this version of the variation, that is about diet, is a pasta called “golden roll”. This pasta, many families have done in the past 180s, and it is also a taste of Jinjin, and now it will be seen, the taste is still good, but the mood is very different.

“Golden Volume” is made, and the alkali is good, and then the back is so thick, then the thin thickness of the chopsticks, and then the thick paste corn surface, then roll, cut into squares with a knife. Steamed in the pot. The finished product after the pan is seen from the side, the yellow white phase, as if the gold is wrapped in silver, silver bag is gold, there is a very valuable name – “Golden Volume”. It seems that it is of course a reasonable, nutritious healthy food. In that era, the material is shortage, the people eat food, buy food, and the white-faced quota is too small, only have the thick grain to eat. I don’t want to save some materials and fees.


When I was a child, I was very interesting to say, “” “Pants suit cotton pants must have some reason, not a thin trousers, it is a leather trousers.” Who is, why, it is actually very clear. Among them, it is another version of the past life.

In Zhangjiakou, fur, is not a rare thing, because here is a history of the skin, the well-known writer Hu Xuewen brother who is going out is called “Pichia” in his literary works, whether it is a skin or a pi city, As soon as I understand, there are many fur materials and products.

The winter of Zhangjiakou is cold, and the fur is once wrapped in our body and is used to protect the best choice.

In recent years, there is a seemingly high name that seems to be high, that is, “fur.” The skin and grass are called together, it is really a good time. To say, there is really its origin.


The word “fur” is actually not young, it is completely evolved from the “fur line”.

Before the 1930s, there were some Russians to open some fur stores in the old Shanghai. At that time, the domestic fur animals were small, mostly wild animals, and fur is very expensive. A ordinary fur shorto, it takes a few gold bars. But the winter in Shanghai is short, and there is no business in the summer shop. Think about it, who is five yellow June day to buy a mink coat? So they lived in winter, I started to buy some straw, straw mats, and shade of the grass hat to operate, the font size of the door, also changed to the “fur shop”, which means winter selling fur, summer sells. Don’t change, don’t change, it is similar to “hanging sheep selling dog meat”. Later, many fur companies have moved to Hong Kong and gradually no longer operate the grass. Later, some young people who have learned from the fur shop, come out to open the federal store, the name of the store is called, and finally, they must fall on the “fur” two words. How many people in this are what the “fur” means, really can’t say it.

Today, if you still call what “fur, suede” is not called fur, people will feel that you have low grade, and there are soil. The same reason, the past bathroom, now is called “Bathing Center”, and the name of the barber shop is more dazzling.

In the 1990s, when people riding a motorcycle, when she flew through the street, she was called “meat bag” by Guangzhou people. Compared to comparison, the “iron bag” of the four wheels is more decent and safe. It is not a big event.

“Brick Baby”, “Golden Volume”, “Leather Pants Suite”, “Meat Bao Iron”, “Iron Bao Meat”, colorful language vocabulary, revealing the life of our changing and the weight of the past temperature……


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