Spring skirt, pants dress, the more simple and clean, suitable for daily, go to work, leisure

Simple clothes is actually a lot of qualities, the more simple wear, the more you can show a lot of different styles. There is a relaxing and sports wearing, and there is a relatively beautiful and youthful wear, these are simply fresh and natural wear, but these wear is as good as it is.

Spring skirt dressing


Many light wear in the spring can be sent a very fresh feeling, fresh and natural, just like the mint of the heart, make people feel very cool. The blue point dress is simple, style classic, no novelty, but it is most difficult to wear a sense of fresh and natural. A classic waist design highlights the girl’s congregation, so that the advantages of girls and the inner temperament are standing out.

The black dress is a small A-character pattern, the version is more thin, the upper body is thin, and the waist is fine. For the girl’s figure, it has played a good modification, so that more micro-fat girls choose this black skirt.

Topped in a white shirt is also very nice, simple and clean, is very pure. And it is also very suitable for dressing, freshly interested beauty, which is refreshing.

This is relaxed, but it is clean and fresh, but it is more exciting. Gray gauze pleated femto skirt, is thinned on the body is only one of the advantages, more is a temperament expression.


The skirt is the shallow beauty, it will make the girl’s character look more calm. Top with white T-shirt, simple, naturally suitable for mature girls, can be said to be super good!


The shirt-style dress is also very simple, simple color, simple style, showing a simple and fresh style. Let girls look small and well-behaved, cute and fascinating, more is a kind of expression of spring, refreshing and pleasant.

Very elegant color, necklaces and skirts have splice, looks leisurely and beautiful. With a pair of khaki-colored small leather shoes, wear the British wind retro style!


Wearing a short and short pleated skirt, I don’t like the solid color wear of monotonous, then I can try a novel and unique half a pleated dress, there is a playful and cute, there is a mature woman. Elegant and intellective.


Top with a black and white striped shirt is also very concise, and it is also an interpretation is another classic. Suitable for dressing everyday, wearing a good time to travel with sisters!

Spring pants dress


The black bouquel is relatively casual and sports wind, and it is also a hot in spring, because it passes people a lively positive positive energy. Moreover, the match looks also very much, simple but very fresh, but it is also energetic.

In addition, this trousers are very thin! Top with a white T-shirt, feel this spring’s breeze, comfortable, wearing a casual and comfortable clothes to a beautiful walking journey!

Jeans is also a very spring pants, and not only spring, almost every season is inseparable from the wearing of jeans. More in spring jeans is to give people a feeling of fresh and youth, with a stovepipe jeans, wearing a white V-tie shirt, simple and fresh but there is no shortage.

The more simplicity of spring skirts and trousers, the more simple, suitable for daily, go to work, and leisure.

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