Is your tide card in the cottage?

In the forefront of Paris Fashion Week, China’s sportswear brand Li Ning took the 2019 spring and summer series of emollients and Chinese characters, and set off a new round of “national tide” topic.

# 是 国

The origin of the national tide can be traced back to the folk walk of leaping and pulling in the previous year. In a certain day, everyone suddenly discovered that the products of our own local brands, the design is also very unique, so the product spreads in our country through a part of the tide people.


The national trend has actually containing many other properties:


▸ 真 Real Cob graduated or with designers with design talents saw the ripening of this consumer market independent and high-quality brand.


▸ 代 Buy the independent brand founded through its own years of purchasing practical experience and the capital accumulated expansion team and upgraded the team.

▸ With a flow resource star or Net red, in order to maximize its inherent resource, the designer will be created to create a brand.

A brand is called the tide card, and the premise is often its own unique design concept and culture, representing a future representative and affecting the future of young trend culture. If you measure this standard, what is the true national tide?


Young people who have a pocket for the national tide, except for a chance or a hat, what kind of mental cure or express export?

The emergence of “national tide” is far away, and the folk walks of leaping and taking the back of the previous year. In 2017, the fire-like variety show “China has a hip” to let me have a lot of Rapper that walks in the trend of the trend, all the big domestic street brands, the shape is still cool. Very tone, coupled with all roads, the stars have also spent the national tide strength, the national tide brands of the five flowers are famous.

(Photo description: some national tide brand types)

However, most of these brands, named brands, brand records, seems to be more shadow of beauty and riots.

And a brand is called the tide card, and the premise is often a unique design concept and culture, representing the future of a certain extent and affecting the future of young trend culture. If you measure, what is the true national tide? For the young people in the national tide, except for a chant or a hat, what kind of mental cure or express export?


When the spread of social networks allows the domestic trend brand to get an unknown dilemma and start to occupy a certain market share, these have become a problem that cannot be avoided.

What is the national tide powder?

The First Financial Commercial Data Center (CBNDATA) “2017 Network Fashion Consumption Report” shows that different traditional fashion industries as a consumption army are different, the male clothing proportions of the tide card exceed 70%, while 95 and 00 post-pulled lines The main group of the upper tide plate consumption.

Let’s take a look at how the tidal consumers evaluate them.

No matter which camp, “Good-looking” is the biggest selling point of the tide name. The value is just just, this truth is in the sea.


What can the street dance enthusiast?



Little pig ridgery is “this! It is a street dance. “When I start, I wore my own tide card atteage red sweater, dance the dance, and the movement is clean, and the whole person is energetic.

Clottee by Clot Doc Series Blue Hood Sweat

Clot is the tide name founded in Hong Kong in 2003. This sweater comes from the 2018 Spring and Summer Series DOC – do not do an inner prisoner. The series is inspired by prisoners, and the print pattern shows prisoners at the beginning of horror, uneasiness and helpless mood. This sweater is a cotton fabric, and there is no picture on the front side. The highlight is the print behind.

Genanx colored English print hooded couple

Genanx is also a tide card in Hong Kong, with lightning image as a brand representative. This sweater uses a hooded, foot shoulder sleeves and big pockets design, the street feels full, and the colorful English print is very eye-catching. The most important thing is to have a couple, and men and women don’t worry, and the couple wear together. Outside the street is still very back.


Popping champion, domestic Wave, Animation style Yang Wenxi, wore a loose white T-shirt in the captain’s assessment stage, from his own tide brand THE V, he is a white style is really quite Handsome, no wonder Wuli 韬 suddenly chooses him to jump.

The Popping of the god jump is a comprehensive high-quality dance, through the rapid contraction of muscles in many muscles such as shoulders, neck, chest, back, arms, legs, to achieve the effect of vibration, and carry music, so loose and comfortable T-head is very suitable.

Oxy Studio gambling 1989 FBI series short-sleeved T-shirt

This series has two black and orange, and the designer wants to pay tribute to “gambling 1989”, and the old driver, the old driver in the chest, should be familiar.



The shirt is also a piece of items that often appear on the dancers. They often take a t-shirt. Xu Jumi jumping Locking will wear a brunette shirt, the wide shirt is accompanied by the rapid movement of the hand, jumping up Wind.

RoaringWild 16AW Classic Spinning Shirt


RoaringWild is a new street brand that has been protruded in these years. In 2018, the theme of “New Century Chinese Specialist Malcovic” is designed around the “New Century Chinese Specialist Malcovic”. I hope to find my own, self-projection, super, and The combination of reality and dreams will reflect on the phenomenon of sleeping, solidifying and numbness in the era, and awaken the true self under the personnel mask.

This fine broth uses high-quality cotton as raw materials, and the touch is thin and comfortable, and the hidden pocket is designed. The detail design of the shirt neck under the right hand arm is careful.


Vest vest


I didn’t think about the vest of the vest, I didn’t think of the vest of the vest, and I saw the dancers’ costumes I must be that I have not been open. Jumping Locking Dancer LINGO This black vest is very low-key, vest + knitted cap + sunglasses + light jeans + canvas shoes match, it is really cool.


There is also the green vest of Popping Dancer Savi Dadka.

RandomeVent 17ss Rdet Utility Vest Multi-Safety vest

Randomest is founded in 2012, integrating Urban, Daily, Street three elements, is one of the more good autonomous design brands in China in recent years.


This multi-bag functional vest uses high-quality cotton balls, multi-pack design makes the whole tough tooling, and the light breathable features are suitable for multi-layer wearing, black and military green. select.

Realsport contrast


Pink and purple colors stitching, the back is printed with the “realsport” letter print, simple and refreshing, retro and fashionable.

This high-thin and thin boys wear pink. It must be because he is handsome. Yes, this auspicious wears the same paragraph ~

Cowboy jacket / coat

The denim jacket is a super wild single product. Whether it is dark or light, it is very suitable for the street dance. At the captain’s assessment, the Qianli wear Miharayasuhiro traveler jacket and striped long shirt, with jeans and Martin boots, full The refreshing teenager of the screen overflows.


FMACM 2017AW C 007 denim imitation coach jacket


FMACM (predecessor FACSIMILE) was founded in January 2014, which was founded by a group of love of clothing and love trend culture by Hubei Academy of Fine Arts. Committed to pursue clothing interest and uniqueness, integrating fashion into daily clothing design, giving clothes more fun.


This denim jacket adopts the red water process, the side asymmetrical splicing, the splicing portion is a denim, and the embroidery part reflects the attitude towards social sharp problems, and the internal print is integrated into religious elements, there are many details.


Today, people talk about the tide card, the first thing that thinks is, is SuPreme.

When consumers squeeze their heads only to grab a t-shirt with red bottom white words, many national tide brands have also been painted and launched by their big logo design. Many national tide operators are actively promoted communication activities such as Nethong Cooperation, the brand, and use the star effect and topic hype to build explosions.

Everyone wants to do the next supreme, become the fragrant 饽 in the tidal market, but Ignore the brand culture is the core attraction of the top tide name. Behind SuPreme is increasingly popular and commercial value of the United States’s street culture for decades, it exceeds the time and space to condense the global tidal card enthusiasts.


Compared with the national tide brand, AT is more in the intersection of consumers really love the trend culture: “It is more and more attention to people, and everyone is getting more and more, it is a good thing. But I hope that more people can have a little patience, go to understand the brand and designers, go to understand the spirit or philosophy of the tide card … “

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