What is the latest cleaning tool for the Japanese family?


Lazy husband and liberation of hands and time, which one do you choose? (Accompany 10 super-use Taobao links)

In addition to the old-fashioned cloth mop, fiber mop, rubber cotton mop, recently, newly new, like flat drag, steam drag, electric carrier, mop robot, etc.

Which is the best of these five flowers? Which one may be in my home?

Let us come in today!

After reading this article, you will know:

Why is the vintage mop dragging


Impartial mop

Most suitable for lazy mop

The most suitable for baby pet ruins

Mop clothing secret

Recommended brand and models for all mentioned mops and links

Lazy can drag to the article Last to the answer, by the end of each end, copy the link!

The mop of the waist is not a good mop.

The common cloth mop in the market, the fiber mop, the rubber cotton mop, has been used for many years.

Although one generation has progress, there is no two ultimate goals of the mop industry:

Do not put it hard to drag the clean and no toilet




Why will there be a smell in the land?



Because the mop is not clean!


There will be a lot of organic matter on the clean mop, and the organic metabolism will produce a ingredient such as trimethylamine, oxide trimethine, dioxane ether, that is, the source of the shares.

This mop can not only clean the ground, but will apply the microorganisms and metabolites in the mop on the floor, and it is not too hygienic to climb children and cats and dogs everywhere.

Dragging dirty water disaster

The tula is sometimes more unbearable than mopping.

Moping the bucket and mop pool is not only places, it is easy to change.

Dirty water dragging the floor can also pollute the toilet.

The mop is it difficult to wash itself, and there will be other things in the process of washing. It is too unreasonable.

Tablet mop: I want to drag clean, I still have to force myself.

The flat panel is more fire in the major online shopping platforms in two years. Why is this?


Let us look at its advantages and shortcomings!

Three advantages

One reason for a flat-panel mop is that it can do a bigger, and you can clean up more places at a time.

Generally, it can do 0.03m2, and you can do 0.06m2.

The pole can also be done longer than the old-fashioned mop, often can reach 133-140cm, which means that it is not necessary to bend again when mopping.

In addition, many flat mop can be used with electrostatic cleaning paper, exhausted, saving the “washing” link.

▲ Picture See Watermark

Disadvantages: no effort

The flat panel is not good at the liberation of labor, the area is big, the pole is longer, and it is still to make it!

There is no different way of touching stubborn stains, tablet mop and old-fashioned mop.

Look at the copy of the shampoo, do not throw it into the “old-fashioned mop”.

And you, real lazy, worthy of a diligent mop!

What brand is doing?

In addition to the second or thirty pieces of particularly cheap, the medium-end brand and high-end brands have the following two panel mops.

If you feel that you can’t get a doctor, you can have to find a look!

▲ Pick a high sales in 100 yuan is also good

Area “0.032m2

Length: 133cm

Price: 89.9-138.9 yuan

[Bao family clean free hand wash flat mop home dragging artifact rotating wipe wood floor drag 把 Louncing], copy this information ¥ ROBX0DEXIUP ¥ Open mobile phone Taobao


▲ Germany’s rapid mop, the advantage is as shown, do not use your hand when replacing the rag

Area: 0.06m2


Length: 140cm

Price: 299 yuan

[LeiFheit Germany imported space aluminum mop cable floor cotton floor mopping large household drag], copy this information ¥ BSI90DVWOVJ ¥ Open mobile phone Taobao

Steam mop: high temperature sterilization

Steam mop looks a bit like a product that is useless and a little technological, how is it? Let’s take a look.

Two advantages

The other mop hits the stains, the printed remarks left, or it is clear, or add the cleansing agent to slowly, the steam mop is used to melt the stains with high temperatures, and then easily drag away.

This is more healthy, and the dog cat cats are also healthy, and they are two.

The steam mop specifically designs wooden floor mode, tile mode and wooden floor waxing mode, in addition to the water slopes, other two functions are very suitable for wooden floors.

Two disadvantages

The advantage of the steam mop is also its shortcomings.

Because the power required to generate high temperature steam is large, the steam mop is a wired configuration.

If you change a room, you have to change a socket, a bit of trouble.

Another point, the steam mop is relatively high, specifically high-view brand, there is 20cm after bending, and it can be easily folded to 5cm.

When you buy it, pay attention to the height of the machine bent, if your home sofa, the bed is very low, the steam mop will not go.

We have chosen a pricing mid-end domestic brand and a pricing high-end foreign brand, how to choose to see you, Feng Fu is 噢!

▲ The height of the bend is only 5cm, and it is easy to drill to the sofa.

Area: No data

Height: No data

Price: 259-288 yuan

Bending, height: 6cm

Power cord length: 5m

[I want to buy the baby (Otian steam mop home cleaning rubber) electric mop electric mop, high temperature sterilization mopping machine 7333CH)

▲ Because the water tank is close to the ground, it is still relatively high after bending.

Area: 0.05m2

Height: 130cm

Price: 1099 yuan

Bending, height: 20cm

Power line length: 6m


[I have to buy the baby (US Bai Di steam mop home electric motor mop cloth high temperature cleaning) Sterilization mopping machine high-level models)

Electric mop: almost automatic


The scientific and technological content of the electric mop looks higher than the steam mop, almost automatically.

The force of the waist, the machine helps you

The wiping method of the electric mop and the mop robot is similar, all the way the man is squatting, and then runs at high speed.

People can play with mobile phones while moving on the ground, there is absolutely no waist.

And steam mop, flat-panel mop, mopping robots, the electric mop is bigger than the speed, and more than 100 square meters of rooms can be dragged in 10 minutes.

▲ map source: Tencent Digital

In addition, this electronic product usually has an additional function: attracting the attention of children and otaku, they are very likely to rush to mop.

If your family has a puppy, the electric mop from the dark corner of the dog’s ability is also first class, who makes people bring a searchlight?

Unfortunately, it is not automatic, but there is a price advantage!

There is a little I don’t understand, the electric mop has automatically arrived at people, while playing mobile phones, don’t worry about the degree of unclean, why not simply liberate your hands?


But later, I saw the price, the electric mop is generally less than 1,000 yuan, may be to compete with the same (or even higher) price range, who makes cheap tow / sweeping robot can’t find the road (booth )?

If your budget is less than 1,000 yuan, the electric mop is more suitable for you than the robot.

▲ Sweeping robots evaluate extremely, cheap is a mentally disabled, expensive is called intelligence

After some inspection, the electric mop is still a blue sea market. At present, the big-eyed brand is too small, so I am lazy here, only one link!

If you have a better electric mop, you are welcome to share the brand and model in the commentary area.

Price: 699 yuan

Bending, height: 10cm


Other configuration: spray mouth, searchlight

Jingdong search “SWDK”.

Taobao link: [I have the baby I have to buy “(sprinkled wow, rub the ground, the machine, the machine, the robot, the whole automatic wireless smart electric mop D2), come with me to save the red envelope], copy this information ¥ AIWJ0D4AGA0 ¥ After opening the mobile phone Taobao

Moving machine talent is true · lazy gospel

The ultimate lazy way to mop – find a mop robot, no one.

However, compared to the above mop, the mop robot is not happy in addition to the price, and the ability to find the way is a bit worrying (mainly depends on the price).

Is the family not too dirty? Use the mopground.

The above is said, the cleaning method of the mopping machine and the electric mop is similar, and it is cleaned by mimicing the people who squatted.

But there is a wonderful place in the mopping machine. If the home is not particularly dirty, there is no large particles on the ground, and the mopping machine can basically be used as a sweeping machine.

Small particles can be attached to the rag to be taken away, how? Is it a lot of money?

▲ INS is very popular in Japanese Mrs. Cleanter

In addition, mopping robotic gauges are different and the height is also different.

As long as the body is small enough, drilling to the bed under the sofa, the dog, such as the probe, which is very convenient, and the same is suitable for pets.


▲ Layer: Interactive Encyclopedia

There are three functions, dry erases, wet and waxing.

Among them, the dry rubbing function can be used with electrostatic dust paper, and it is throwing it, and it is not used to wash, it is true to the lazy gospel.

Pow with mopping machine

Don’t buy a mop robot without path planning.

In addition, there is no particularly obvious disadvantage. It is best to have someone at home when using it, put it in the room.


When it works, there may be no wipe clean and need artificial intervention.


How is the sweep?

Seeing this, there must be friends who want to ask the mulch one machine.

If it can sweep the machine to drag it again, it is good to use a variety of parameters to determine, like there is no path planning ability, how to crawler.

If you sweep the floor and mop, you can basically ignore it.


Many sweeping machines are the first time to sweep, and they may come back and forth to sweep a few times (depending on the price) to achieve a clean and dust-free state.

After the previous sweep, I can drag the “sweep”, the use effect can only be dragged like it is not cleansing, it is better not to drag.

What brand is doing?

There is a good product in the field of mop robots, so I am lazy, just a link.

If you have a good product, welcome to share the brand and model in the review area!

▲ Irobot Braava 380T

Height: 8cm

Volume: 20 decibels (equivalent to the volume of the leaves)


Navigation capabilities: GPS navigation automatic planning

During life: dry wipe 92m2 wipe 32m2


Price: 1600-1900 yuan


Jingdong search “irobot 380t” can be.

Taobao link: [I want to buy the baby (IROBOT 380T home ultra-thin mop robot 381 automatic washing sweeping dry), come with me, a red envelope with me] Open mobile phone Taobao

Tips for the rag machine


If your home is a big apartment, the whole house is dragged and used for more than one rag, and does not want to wash it, it can also be washed.

This method is suitable for flat-panel mop, steam mop, electric mop and rags used by mop robots.


▲ These mops are used in a relatively heavy rag, which is too lazy to wash and normal.

Essentials: Using Sweeping Robots or Vacuum Cleaner


In view of everyone prefer to use the rag of the ring (Yi) (Yi), we talk about how to lazy in the washing cloth.

That is – use the sweeping robot or vacuum cleaner!

Using the sweeping robot or vacuum cleaner before mopping, the dust, human dandruff, hair and other dresses are basically sucking.

At this time, I will be dragged with a rag mop, and I will not be more dirty than the child.

▲ With the vacuum cleaner, the part of the drag is not so dirty.

Taking advantage of the washing machine, the occasional machine wash can also

If your home is just to clean up the washing machine, it is better to wash a few pieces before this.

After washing the rag, you can remove the net, get dirty, then use professional washing machine cleaner, clean up the washing machine that has not been brushed in the next half!

Cleaning agent is hosted in Ma Dad’s home, cheap uses “oxygen clean”, more than ten twenty pieces, expensive use “Bosch Washing Machine Cleaning Agent”, more than 60 pieces, the effect is good.

▲ There are a lot of goods, the difference is not big, you can search the keywords.

Finally summarize it:

Steam mop, electric mop and mop robots are provincial power artifacts.

The electric mop and mop robots are very good at beds, and the steam mop can be high-temperature disinfection ground, pets pets and raised baby families on demand.

If the budget is within 100 yuan, the flat panel mop is better; the budget is within a thousand yuan, the steam mop and the electric mop are preferably, 2K mopping machines may still be reliable than 2k sweeping robots.

All mop mentioned herein, with a sweeping robot or vacuum cleaner is better.

As long as the sweeping robot or vacuum cleaner first sucks it first, the rag attached to the mop will not be too dirty, it can be washed.





































What brand is doing?

What brand is doing?

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