There is also a girl who has a girl in the age of 4 of 4, wearing a baseball overtock and sweater is temperament.

# What to wear today?


# 穿 红 黑 #

Speaking of sweaters, it is a hot single product, it is very popular, and there is a sweater, and there is also a men and women. Therefore, it is also OK.

In these years, sweaters

Style also begins to diversify

Do you think it only has a sports style? It is actually not the case.

It can be known or handsome, and it can be very casual, in general, it can be concave out of a variety of styles and styles.

It is also very fashionable to wear.

Although the sweater belongs to a very simple single product, there is no highlight at the same time, but in the wardrobe, it can’t be there.

With simple and casual, it is not enough to wear, almost wear,

Expand fashion and trend, but also very personal.

In addition, no matter what style of sweater, as long as the version is loose, you can create a lazy breath, and the winter style is simple.

To this end, many fashion bloggers and streets, I like to use sweater to shape, don’t say, it seems more characteristics.

Just like Julia,


Baseball overseas

, Wearing a full girl feeling, watching it is really old, but also

Highlight full texture.

So I have to say, there are girls who have a girl in 4 of the ages, and wear baseball clothing and sweaters.


丽 穿搭 analysis

Gray sweater

Highlight: loose / hood / gray / plain

Basic sweater is not missing in daily life, but in the only wear, the version is trying to be too mid-term, which is very difficult.

Gray long section, very lining, small children can be dressed,

It is also OK for the disappearance of the lower clothes.

Wearing youth and energetic.

If you don’t want to die, it is very suitable for pear-shaped sisters.


Wear thin and thin

After all, the matte is good, and it looks at a high and foreign.

The overall gray style, plus the design of the hood, does not seem to have too much soil, wearing a texture, daily travel, very good.

Match: baseball clothing + black casual pants + sneakers

In fact, it is almost not thinking about it. It is a single wear in the cool weather, and there is no more tree, wearing casual and leisure.

But the weather is cold, everyone can be outside the sweater, like Julia, wearing a green baseball jacket, and the style of the sweater is very pair, and there is no violation of any violation.

The full vitality and exercise are shown.

The lower body is matched with a black casual pants and a pair of sneakers, the mid-regulatory moments, full of casual feelings, is also fashionable.

How to take the fashion leisure of sweaters in winter

There must be innovation on matching

For clothing mix, if there is no highlight, it will look very dull, and there is no highlight.

Although it is said that sweaters do not pick up, but we must have a certain highlight, green baseball clothing and sweater combination, it will not look boring, but more


Trust the temperament of middle-aged women


It is also more stylish.

And the color is the foundation, so it will not appease, but more introverted,

It also fell generous to wear.

Clothing must have highlights

In addition to matching, the clothing itself must have a certain highlight, and the long sweater of Julia, whether it is a little child or a slightly star, almost all can be controlled, and it is very fashionable.

Moreover, the bright spot of the clothing is the drawing design in the hat, which is very fashionable, and it is very attractive.

As a dotted, it works.

Therefore, for the overall match, it can also be seen that Yan Lija wears the sweater with baseball to take the airport, full of youth, watching unlike people.

Other sweater wearing a display

Pink print sweater + shorts

Sweater is selected, if you don’t like neutrophilia, you can choose bright colors, such as pink, etc., wear it.

Girl’s breath


Look at it more casual and generous, and it seems to have a style.

In addition, on the basis of sweater, add some printing design, dotted in pink garments,

Very fashionable,

It is also very casual.

Moreover, loose short sweater is more suitable for small children, showing long leg ratios, and highlights the waist lines, and looks more high.

White long sweater + tight jeans

Middle-long sweater can always give people a leisure and lazy texture, plus loose version, more release of Vitality, and is also extremely aged.

The lower body is mixed with a blue tight jeans, shaped a kind of


Fruit, it is also more technically, but it is nothing more than a bloating, while blue and white, it is also more

Refreshing fashion.

Color color sweater + black casual pants

Sweater If you want to have a design, color is a good choice, black and white stitching, there will be no exaggeration effect, wearing more texture.

Black and stitching of white and detail, contrast effect


Also very eye-catching


Plus yellow print embellishment, match monotonous, dress more elegant.

And in order to line up the whole style, a bag bond, while adding practicality,

Also very cavity

It seems exquisite and neat.

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