This summer, you are still lacking a wide hoop just right.

Summer is here, for many little fairy, the most troublesome thing is how to resettle yourself, especially the part of Liu Hai. The first is because Liu Hai is hot, the second is because the summer is too hot to accelerate sweating, leading to Liuhai to look at a dirty feeling. If you have these troubles, then in this summer, you can use a sweet width to save your value. Let’s take a look at the actresses, how do you use your headband to concave!

First place: Liu Yifei

During this time, Liu Yifei, who has a flower mirror, and Liu Yifei can once become a goddess of everyone. Although Huasan in the movie is full, Liu Yifei in life, but a full sweet little princess! The selfie of the last Liu Yifei also attracted many people’s onlookers. In her day, there is a purple wide hair band.


On the same day, she worked with a purple round neck sweater, and the thick dark elders were on the shoulders, and they looked very cute fresh and full of girl vitality. For the part of Liu Hai, Liu Yifei used the purple width of the sweater with the sweater to make fixed and decoration. The hair style of the refreshing Lord is also very matched with the shape of the sweater, and it will not be awkward when Liu Hai is set off. This furry purple wide headband is worth having.


Second: Yang Zi

Yang Zi’s style has always been more cute, in this time, her costume is also very sweet and cute. The pink loose short sleeve is used as a inner, wearing a white cowboy strap skirt, really instantly having a back to 18 years old. Pink teenagers with the sweetness of the strap skirt, it is really double cute. At this time, she also used a wide handband as an embellishment of the overall shape. Yang Zi is often displayed in front of everyone. It is the short hair and the air of Liu Hai. Although it is more cute, it is slightly mature, but it is in a fresh After the cute pink lattice headband made a decoration, the whole person exudes the charm of the girl. Headband is really a small accessories that can’t be ignored.

Third: Lin Yun

Lin Yun’s hair band, is the dripping of one side of his ghost horses. The blue white gant’s wide hair belt itself is very fresh and cute, and then matches the shape of the bow, it really gives people a fresh and playful feeling, so that the girl is in the screen, don’t know if you want to have?

The fourth place: Zhong Chu

This hair band is just the right and long skirt, which looks very retro taste. The slings of the polar elements are mixed with the wool rolls, and they are very retro beautiful, with the decoration and pearl earrings in the black hair, making their own retro feel more intense. There are thousands of wool rolls, and there is more than one hair to be used as a decoration. The whole person will look unique and personality. A hair band can make the whole person’s temperament is more exciting, really obeyed. In this summer, I don’t want to be a small fairy in Liu Hai, I can try this to fix myself.

Fifth: Wu Xuanyi


Wu Xuanyi’s style is also the kind of sweet princess. This time she also used the headband to be concave. Black long straight hair match air Liuhai’s hairstyle is also sweet enough, plus a pink wide alement to be used as a decoration, it is really a wonderful to add flowers on the brown, so that the whole people’s girl temperament is more prominent. At the same time, although the black straight hair is good, it may feel monotonous, this time, you can use a hair to break down.

Sixth place: Song Yuxi

Song Yuxi’s fashion has been sought after by many girls, and this overall match is still high. Top is a lumbar short sleeve with a chest orange flower decoration, but also sweet and personality, and the bag is also bright yellow design, and her match is also a vibrant tone as a whole. At this time, she brought the same as orange as a decoration, it really had a sense of touch, so that there is a feeling of a bitter in the package, including the bag. And the orange hair band is in the summer, and it is also a very good vitality.

I don’t know if you like to use hair in summer? Let’s talk about the comment area!


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