When you make a massage, you are worried about your own new socks.

When the Chutian Metropolitan News Seventy-year-old Taiwanese, when he was massive, worried that the feet odor affects the doctor, and specially prepared a pair of new socks. Soon, the doctor of the Phoenix Clinic, Hubei Province, was touched by Huo Junwen by Hu Happi: “I didn’t expect the patient to think about it.”

The 72-year-old Hu Jiapo suffered from lumbar spine, and recently he often came to the Phoenix Clinic. Before the morning, Hu Happian was treated, Luo Jun Wen is ready

Give her

When massage, Hu Happi said a moment, then taking off the shoes and socks, and then took out a pair of white new socks from the bag. Luo Junwen is a bit wonderful, Hu Jiapo smiled: “The feet are dirty from the shoes, it is not good.”

Luo Jun Wen was moved by Hu Happi’s little move. He said that every time he gives the patient, it will be cleaned and will meet the next patient. And Hu Happian is so careful to consider the patient feeling patient, he rarely encounters, which makes him warm, even if it is tired.

Yesterday morning, Hu Happi came again to the clinic treatment. Hu Happian said that the doctors were very hard, and she found a feet when she took her shoes a few times, but Dr. Luo did not think that it is normal.

give her

Make it, this makes her heart very much. From the day before yesterday, she brought a pair of clean white socks, so the doctor did not smell odor when treatment, more comfortable.

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