Audi Q8 Dark Night Knight Hall Edition full black 23 inch wheels Do you like it?

Recently, we learned from the Audi official website that the new Audi Q8 Dark Night Knight Hall has been listed, the price is 11.468 million yuan, limited to 88 units.

奥迪Q8暗夜骑士殿堂版 全面黑化 23英寸轮毂你喜欢吗?

The car is based on 2022 Audi Q8, which will be equipped with B & O 3D audio, noise reduction glass, electric suction doors, and 23-inch pure black moving hubs that are also in size with RSQ8.

奥迪Q8暗夜骑士殿堂版 全面黑化 23英寸轮毂你喜欢吗?

In addition to the appearance of “comprehensive black”, the new car’s interior also continues the current model, using the Audi digital cockpit design, equipped with 10.1-inch medium control screen + 8.6-inch touch screen combination, and equipped with 23 speakers B & O audio system (thisConfigured the purchase price of 78,000), and the atmosphere can be described as a full.

The vehicle will be equipped with a 3.0T V6 engine + 48V light mixing system, matching 8-speed hand-in-one gearbox, the maximum horsepower is 340, except for the Audi home quittro, air suspension, electronic anti-pumpBoth are equipped.

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