These badminton bags are a little expensive, but the color is high and practical.

As a badminton amateur fan, the ball can be slag, and the equipment must be sang. Many fans like burning rackets, sizzling shoes, buy jerseys, but in fact, good-looking badminton bag can add a lot to you.


Ai Yumei Xiaobian compares a badminton rectangular package. Today, I will recommend some individuals who think that they are more resistant to the rectangular ball package. This article is not advertising, only for your reference.


First, Li Zongwei, the same paragraph, Yisks Bag-21LCW rectangular package


In 2017, Ejicks released Li Zongwei’s exclusive series of equipment, and the BAG-21LCW rectangular package was also available, black / blue, black / orange two, as a length of 750 * 230 * 330, you can load 6 Bad badminton racket, the capacity is not big, just, the small child can also easily control.

Ai Yumei Xiaobian prefers orange this, because it is enough, but the price is not cheap.


Second, Lin Dan with the same paragraph Eunks BAG-41WLD / 43WLD


This is Yinx’s same rectangular ball bag listed in 2016, there are two sizes, model BAG-43WLD is slightly smaller, as high as 750 * 130 * 330, model BAG-41WLD is slightly bigger, The length is 750 * 180 * 330, which is matte black / red.

Ordinary amateur player is not a problem with four or five rackets, and there is an isolated partition that can be specially installed. Red black color is the color that Dan is very like, and it is also enough to pull the wind. The price is also a little expensive.

Third, Xiaolong with the same paragraph Li Ning ABJN016 rectangular package

Xiaolong 2018 with the same ball package, pure black, long-range height of 730 * 200 * 300, very low-key, touched very textured, suitable for a soring joy.

Many colorful balls have been dirty after a long time, the biggest advantage of black bag is not easy to be dirty, easy to match.

Four, Yesix Bag9631WLE

This ball is pure white, very suitable for female fans, but after all, it is easy to dirty. The length is 750 * 180 * 330, the same size of the same rectangular ball bag in 2016, is not a problem.


Five, vcitor rectangular bag BR9607

Br9607 is Wickdo’s new product in 2017, blue + green, red + blue, red + black three color matching, the size is 750 * 200 * 320, the design is also relatively simple.

Sixth, Adidas BG110411 rectangular package

Adidas entered the badminton world, there was a period of time, the BG110411 launched in early 2019 This badminton rectangular package appearance is more fashionable. There is a prominent adidas triple bar on the ball. The length is 740 * 310 * 230, compared to the previous one. It is slightly wide.


Given the layout reasons, the love of Yumei Xiaobian recommended some of the rectangular packages, welcome everyone to talk about your favorite badminton bag in the comment area.

Author: ArticleManager