“Eating Chicken” New Army needs A racquet to see, 3 sets of clothes, 12 skin, M416 special stealing mirror

Taken these 2 words “A raccoon”, Tian Ge first thought is the animation version of the raccoon, not only anime, but also a series of expression packs, but never thought: One day, “Peace Elite” A raccoon will appear in the game. Next, the “elite small class” is talking to everyone: New military needs A raccoon to see, 3 sets of clothes, 12 skin, M416 extravague mirror!


Live, not much nonsense, or “old formula” familiar with yourself: There is evidence of the picture, chat while watching ~

The photon links a raccoon, and the new army needs to be on the spot.

Old players who are familiar with “Peace Elite” naturally know that there is a great god player “unpacking” in this game. Whenever the photons add new skin in the game, they will always find the way they will be “unpacking”. The “Vachend Army Needs” hidden.


The “Audio” new army needs to appear, it is discovered. It is reported that the series of clothes and the “modeling” of the new skin have appeared, and even the gods have used “beautification package” to conduct related tests in Tun Island.

According to the current information, “Aca Coaled” new army has a total of 3 clothes, of which the C bit has achieved a pink level. Its name is “playful fox”; the other 2 sets of purple grades are called “dreams The words “,” Zhao Juanxin “.

Here, I want to say “I am not ready”, because the design of the new clothes is the design, the female character is better, and the male role looks “one words”. Of course, this is also “game features” that “Peace Elite” has always been.


It is worth mentioning that in addition to the version of the “Dream Sword”, the other two suites have designed two kinds of appearance according to the character. I don’t know why, Tian Ge is particularly like the purple graded clothes “华 初心” female character, maybe after the short skirt, let the game character becomes better, oh ~

The M416 model is particularly grabbed, and the pan is quite cute.


I believe that in many old players, “Peace Elite” cherish treasure tanks rarely appear “Topwork Weapons”, but this photons have brought the cute pan, and there is also the king of the rifle M416 and MINI14. Here you must focus on the M416, which belongs to red and white, which is extremely rare in the game, belonging to the setting of “conspicuous”, so it should be extraordinary to like the player.

Helmets, backpacks, pendants, parachutes, the aircraft is cool.

In addition to the above skin, the “Ali Union” New Army needs to lack “old man”, whether it is parachute, pendant, or helmet, backpack, has a “red white”-main color setting. Regarding the helmet and backpack, it is only quite lovely from “modeling”, but it is quite cute, but after the actual test in the game, you can know how “volume”, after all, “volume” will directly affect the series of skin. Using the effect, so Tian Ge feels nothing to judge, only after the series of skin is officially launched.

The new army needs to be naturally familiar, although now “Peace Elite” aircraft is already very much, but still a focus of many players. As shown in the figure, Tian Ge feels that this time appears in the “Audioven”, or quite cool, lovely A raccoon is mixed with spray effect, naturally become the most exciting.

As for the “Amazing Unimage”, it is necessary to judge 3 648. Maybe “the child” is only 1400, after all, only the skin of the treasure chest level, far less than the upgraded gun.


Ok, the above is the whole content of the “Elite Class” of the “Peace Elite” in this issue, thank you for reading, next to our comment area ~

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