The top ten brands of the sunlight introduces the latest offer of the fluorescent lamp

Lighting has become our must have daily necessities. If there is no lighting, we are basically true. The lighting light brightens and can illuminate our lives. Among them, the fluorescent lamp is a must-have lighting product for each household. There are more and more brands in the market on the market, and people are dazzling without choosing. So today, let’s talk about the top ten brands of the sunlight and the latest offer of the fluorescent lamp.

Top ten brands of sunlight lights

1, Philips Philips

The Dutch Royal Philips Electronics is a “healthy and comfortable, quality life”, dedicated to improve people’s quality of life by timely introduction of meaningful innovation.

2, Osram OSRAM

Osram’s light source and lighting provide the basis for a wonderful visual landscape, while ensuring security and comfort, improve the efficiency of resources.

日光灯十大品牌介绍 日光灯最新报价

3, Opple

Zhongshan Op Lighting Co., Ltd. was established in August 1996, an innovative rapidly developed company, consistently attached importance to scientific research, technology development and talent training.

4, FSL Foshan Lighting

Foshan Lighting was established in 1958 and is a large-scale backbone enterprise in the national power supply industry. The State Council approves mechanical and electrical export base and has the right to self-employment business.

5, Reut lighting

Revelemeal was founded in 1998, providing high-efficiency and energy-saving, healthy and comfortable artificial lighting environments.

6, sunshine lighting

Zhejiang Sunshine Lighting Electric Group Co., Ltd. was founded in 1975 and 1996 was changed to the company.

7, Sanyund Aurora Lighting

日光灯十大品牌介绍 日光灯最新报价

Founded in 1991, Sanxiong · Aurora has been committed to developing and producing high quality, high-end green energy-saving lighting products. 8, TCL lighting

TCL Group Co., Ltd. was founded in 1981 and is one of the largest, global scale of consumer electronics companies in China.

9, Panasonic Electrician

日光灯十大品牌介绍 日光灯最新报价

The Panasonic Group is a global electronic manufacturer, engaged in the production and sales of various electrical products.

10, Yu Zhonggao

日光灯十大品牌介绍 日光灯最新报价

Hangzhou Yuzhong Gaohong Lighting Electric Co., Ltd. is a professional enterprise specializing in the production of electronic integrated energy-saving lamps and energy-saving lamp tubes.

Latest offer

Philips T8LED lamp integrated 0.6 m 8W1.2 meters 16W daylight tube bracket Feifan to enhance version 58.9 yuan

Foshan lighting LED tube T8 integrated sunlight 1.2 m bracket super bright pipe full set T8LED lamp 19.8 yuan

Sanxiong Aurora Good Easy Provincial LED T5 straight tube T5 LED fluorescent lamp energy-saving lamp 15W 1.2M LED tube 68 yuan

日光灯十大品牌介绍 日光灯最新报价

Philips Feifan LEDT8 lamp fluorescent lamp super bright T8 bracket tube 8W16W electric rod tube integrated light pipe 19 yuan

If there is no lighting, people are inch in the dark. Therefore, the fluorescent lamp has played a major role in our lives. The quality of the fluorescent lamp is not only affecting our life. I hope to introduce the top ten brands of the fluorescent lamp and the latest offer of the fluorescent lamp. Consumers can be referred to when purchasing a fluorescent lamp.

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