China Fashion Zhou Xiu | “Life” cheongsam is more modern, super size overlapping is surprised

New Beijing News (Reporter Qulun Art) has recently been concerned with the beauty of traditional Chinese culture in recent years, and designers have found inspiration from cheongsam, Hanfu, Dunhuang murals, and non-legacy-woven campaign. On the one hand, traditional elements, culture Inheriting the process, on the other hand, making classic costumes more fashionable, more plus.

On March 30th, “Flags, Qiyun” 2021 autumn and winter garment series released on 2021 China International Fashion Week, showing the charm of new cheongsam design. Unlike traditional cheongsam in the impression, the series of cheongsams have joined the pioneer design and innovative fabrics, more practical and beautiful. What is worth paying attention is that the designer Sheng Yadong believes that “there is only the cultural integration into life to make the traditional bloom”, so the cheongsam is designed to be more daily and living.

It can be seen at the scene, “flag art · Qi Yun” 2021 autumn and winter garment is not limited to classic cheongsam style, including shirt, suit, jacket, dress, etc. – although not cheongs, but design elements and rhymes have cheongsam shadow. It is understood that the series of designs is sourced from “Exploring New Oriental Charm in the fantasy journey”, so the overall style has a rich oriental artistic conception. The designer is bold, let the soft silk silk and wool match, even joined the modern fashion fabric, making cheongsam more fashionable, modernization. It is also more comfortable to wearer.


Aspect, with white, gray, nude powder as the main tone, supplemented with orange match, warm and charming; process, traditional needle embroidery and modern pleats, stereo, a combination of stereo, very modern. Surprise is that this season’s clothing is in terms of design and matching, through super-size, superimposed, with the classic cheongsam, increasing the sense of fashion.

According to Sheng Yadong, the brand is from Suzhou’s silk culture and sugnean cheongsam. From the beginning of the foundation, it has been exploring the balance between modern fashion elements and traditional culture. In the first few quarters, the clothing of the Hordish squat was integrated into the design and invited non-legacy inheritors to combine traditional processes with modern design.


In addition, in the Chinese international fashion week, there are also many fashion show from Chinese traditional culture. For example, Damowang 2021 autumn and winter series is the theme of “martial arts, Jinyi night”, and the whole design hides the rivers and lakes, shaping the image of the modern woman; Chu and listening to Xiang Ben Festival “Ask Tea” design inspiration, source In China’s tea culture and classical aesthetics, the patterns of Dunhuang murals are integrated into modern design.

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