Father loves the mountain, Father’s Day is coming, send a father, a handsome POLO shirt

The so-called parents, that is, constantly being happy and sad, wanting to recover the hug and dare. 6.16, Father’s Day is coming soon. It is said that “father love is saying words”, may wish to express it at this time to express your love.


For my father in my home, have you ever thought about sending my father? Many ways to make a lot of ceremonies will make life fun, but it is therefore, for Father’s Day, when considering what better to send Dad, I will wish my father to come to a piece of clothing, affordable and intimate, believe in you Dad is always happy by this gift.


1: Green Polo


“Floating cloud white day, the mountains and rivers” the mother of the mother, the father of the mother is serious in the family, unsmiling, as if there is a big road, but this is just the gentlestity of the rival, such as the murry of the mountain, Guarding this home, but there is also a cloudy day, and the trickle is small.

When I said that I had a good thing for her father, in fact, this solemn and stable and faintly in a gentle green polo shirt, which is very conforming to the people of Dad. For Dad, such a polo shirt is also very Lightweight, must make him like it, so this gift is not worth you think?


2: Blue Polo shirt

What year is quiet, but someone is replacing your weight. Father loves solemnly, as well as the sea, silently resists us to the outside world, let us grow smoothly. The color of dark blue is calm, and it is not picking people. It is more colors that Dad.

3: White stripe polo shirt

For his father, as long as we live well, he is very happy. Although there is no need to buy anything, it is still very happy.

The feeling of my father is very low-key. In our eyes, my father is serious. When I buy clothes, you can choose a colorful color, such as this short sleeve POLO shirt, color Fresh and very summer, plus the embellishment of stripe elements, the introverted atmosphere is also very stable.

4: Red Polo shirt

Maybe you don’t know how to look at the black and white dressing, in fact, it is more suitable for this bright color, like this wine red polo shirt style, wine red color is also very bright, Dad is definitely very like Oh, it is also very bright.

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Father loves the mountain, Father’s Day is coming, send a father, a handsome POLO shirt

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