Today, I have to come to the small box, Tannoy AutoGraph Mini-Ow, the middle and high frequency people are very poisonous

Today, I have to come to the small box, Tannoy Autograph Mini-Ow, this is a little cute,

The inspiration of this trunk is the mini version made by Tannoy in accordance with the 50 years ago AUTOGRAPH.

今天要来小开箱介绍,Tannoy Autograph MINI-OW,中高频人声很毒

Autograph Mini launched in 2005, officially discontinued in 2016, I will start the first generation at about 4 years ago.

This year I saw the exterior of Autograph Mini-Ow after another, Autograph Mini-Ow

, Haha, I have a premiere (the lottery can’t stay.)

The cooker of the oil cooker is in the factory in the factory in Tannoy.


Instructions for use and guarantees

今天要来小开箱介绍,Tannoy Autograph MINI-OW,中高频人声很毒

Good texture is much better than the photo, the light brown cloth network has a strong retro taste, just take it out and smell the smell of wood.

Mini-OW’s high and wide deep is 35.6 cm, 20.9 cm, 15.6 cm, which is very suitable on the desktop

今天要来小开箱介绍,Tannoy Autograph MINI-OW,中高频人声很毒

This model is because Tannoy’s creator cum designer Guy Rupert Fountain is signed on the positive name of the speaker prototype, and it is of course reserved in Mini-Ow.

今天要来小开箱介绍,Tannoy Autograph MINI-OW,中高频人声很毒

Gold-plated speaker terminal, below the volume label showing pure British blood

今天要来小开箱介绍,Tannoy Autograph MINI-OW,中高频人声很毒

Golden nameplane in front

今天要来小开箱介绍,Tannoy Autograph MINI-OW,中高频人声很毒

Mini-OW is two-channel design, using a Tannoy’s own patented 4-inch coaxial monomer, the highest instantaneous endurance up to 200W, the golden single frame is extremely conspicuous, the frequency response is 106Hz ~ 20kHz (-3dB) The intermediate is 19 mM titanium tapered film treble monomer, the device point sound source tulip waveguide, the outer ring is a whispering monomer with rubber hanging edge (Paper PULP) CONE with RUBBER SURROUND). The new design, completely manually created, using Tannoy special customer capacitors, low-exhausted coil resistors, low error coil resistors, internal use of high conductivity and low impedance wiring

Live the machine

今天要来小开箱介绍,Tannoy Autograph MINI-OW,中高频人声很毒

A lot of surprises and aftertaste, and the sense of listening is roughly different, and there is a difference between the other people.

● Replica to Tannoy’s well-known autograph design in the 1950s.

● Pure UK system, excellent workmanship.

● Tannoy patented coaxial monomer.

今天要来小开箱介绍,Tannoy Autograph MINI-OW,中高频人声很毒

● The body is small, retro elegant, placed on the desktop, look good.

● Sound features: small books are low frequently, relatively high tanks are excellent, rich in detail, good charm is very good, very suitable for listening to jazz or small music.

If I have a small bedroom, I recommend this right, and the people are all tally.

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